On how to learn French yourself

It is said that the more languages a person knows, the more he is a person. There is a certain amount of truth in this, and it is quite difficult to argue with this. The whole world we see and understand through the word, it is language that shapes our consciousness, connecting images with sound. From time immemorial polyglots were considered the most valuable employees, acquaintances and personalities. This attitude to them has been preserved to this day.

A bit of history

Remember, for example, the global desire of the Russian people to learn French. His knowledge was considered a sign of belonging to a noble, aristocratic family and raised higher in the eyes of the whole society. Virtually every more or less well-to-do family lived governesses and tutors who taught children this language since childhood.

The desire to join this way to Europe was extremely great, and the consequences of this are felt now.

Romantic France

It is quite natural that listening to the songs of Edith Piaf, sensing the smell of French croissants, buying perfumes, it is simply impossible not to fall in love with this magnificent country, recognized as one of the most romantic, the most beautiful in the world.

In addition, it is with France that a huge percentage of the cultural heritage of the whole world is bound up. The country of revolutions and pantomimes has always been the legislator of not only fashion, but also literature, art in general and, of course, etiquette. It is difficult to find a nation with more refined manners, rather than the French.

Stumbling blocks

First of all, before the person who decided to master the French language (like any other), the question arises of material investments. Good certified courses are quite expensive today, not to mention private lessons, which can be paid for by units.

Naturally, for many, this fact becomes the biggest problem and a weighty reason to surrender and postpone the development of the language in the long box, until better times.

Another stumbling block is our fear in any of its manifestations. We may be afraid of appearing stupid or not mastering grammatical wisdom, without realizing that nothing is immediately given in this life.


There is, fortunately, a way out of this situation. In order for the problem to be solved, it is enough to ask yourself a simple question: "How can I learn French on my own?" A single collision with him easily motivates to action, and the first step of the ladder, at the top of which - knowledge in perfection, will be overcome.

Several variants

To learn how to learn French on your own, you can refer to the relevant literature. Fortunately in our age of civilization of such benefits there is simply a huge amount, and the answer in them can be found on absolutely any question.

It's great to explain how to learn French on your own, a teacher or a consultant who can be found in any linguistic school. Finally, you can ask the same question to a friend who has already passed this way. It is not necessary that he comprehend this system of signs without anyone's help. A person who has achieved results in the study, will always be able to give some practical advice on what to look for.

A few suggestions

So, how to learn French yourself? First of all, make it your goal, to which you will go daily. You need to be prepared for the process to be long, but the result is especially pleasant.

Secondly, to learn French from scratch without anyone's help is difficult enough, so it would be nice to seek advice from a person who has already mastered it. I mean, of course, not tutoring. In this case we are talking about a simple explanation of the basic principles of grammar, syntax and spelling. There you can also ask about literature that can be useful in your case.

A few myths

On the expanses of social networks long and often there is an assertion that learning French from scratch is the easiest for serials and programs. Of course, there is some truth in it, but a person who is not familiar even with the alphabet, not to mention the vocabulary, simply can not get anything out of such a lesson.

Another myth can be called a tempting offer to learn French on your own for a week or even a month. This is impossible, because ... it is impossible at all. In fact, for the knowledge of the language, there often is not enough of all life, and mastering a new one requires a long, careful preparation and constant practice.

Several strategies

If we teach French on our own, we should stick to a certain plan. First of all, you should be prepared for the fact that you will need dictionaries and all sorts of teaching aids. Without them, we can not do without, since they will give a minimal basis for understanding the very structure of the language.

Learn French from scratch on your own should begin by getting acquainted with the organization of this language. On this subject there is a huge number of books, lectures, videos and audio recordings. In general, who is looking for, he will always find.

The next point will be mastering the order of words in the sentence, pronouns and time forms - this will be the very base on which we will build the whole process.

Further, when the basics, the basics, a priori knowledge is mastered, you can work on expanding the vocabulary. The easiest way to do this is blocky, thematically, the way it was taught in school. It is very simple to do this - even lack of a special textbook is not a hindrance. New words on this or that topic can be searched in the dictionary and taught them at 20-30 per day.

So our vocabulary will grow rapidly, allowing to form proposals and even texts over time. And then it's a little thing - books in the original, serials, films, audio recordings - all this will become available and raise to a new level.

Finally, one of the most effective formulas of happiness in this respect can be called the so-called translation of curiosity. The method is that when you meet a particular subject, you need to immediately go to the dictionary and learn the French analogue of the word. The more it repeats, the harder it will settle in the memory.

In a word, there is nothing difficult in independent study of the language - it's enough just to make it your goal, approach the process with curiosity and believe that everything will turn out.

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