How quickly and cheaply to build a house? Advice

Before a person who decided to build a house, there are many questions. The main is a costly part.

At present, there are absolutely new, but little-known, and well-forgotten old, but reliable methods of building housing. Applying them in practice, it is possible to achieve the goal and build a house inexpensively.

Let's start with the foundation. As you know, it is at least one-third of the total construction costs. Among the most common are the following: plate, columnar, belt, pile screw, drill. All of them require a significant investment. But since we are faced with the task of cheaply building a house, we will consider not quite the usual, but already proven in practice its reliability and profitability, the so-called Semykina foundation.

On his invention, Mikhail Yegorovich Semykin has a patent of the Russian Federation under the number 2184189. It will tell us how quickly and cheaply to build a house.

The material for the construction of such a foundation is "junk", it can be found in more than a sufficient number in any locality in our country. These are automobile tires.

Despite the unusualness of the solution, tires covered with sand or cement mortar, an increasing number of private developers are choosing as the foundation.

Its advantages: low cost, ubiquitous availability, environmental friendliness, simplicity of erection, low labor intensity. But one advantage of such a reason for an apartment building needs to be told in more detail. The fact is that the structure on such a foundation will not "lead". All seasonal soil movements are taken over by car tires. They act as a shock absorber between the frame of the house and the ground. This is a very weighty argument in favor of choosing such a foundation. For the same reason, the house is incredibly seismic resistant.

If we consider the problem of how quickly and cheaply to build a house, with respect to the construction of the hull, then the best choice is a frame house-building. And the frame itself can be built from different materials - to whom that is more accessible. This is a tree and light metal structures.

In the question of what to sew such a frame, too, expanse for the owner. The choice is really huge. But mainly OSB plates of different thicknesses are used for external cladding, and for indoor - OSG. The speed of erection of such houses is very high.

Inside the skin, of course, there must be a heater. And here the choice is great. From traditional glass wool to the latest modern insulation.

Further, to understand how quickly and cheaply to build a house, you can not bypass the issue of internal and external decoration. The most inexpensive option can be chosen vinyl siding, plaster walls, followed by whitewashing or painting. The facade, made with decorative plaster, looks very impressive.

But here's what you should not economize on, so it's on communications, as their quality and efficiency will depend on the degree of comfort of your home.

Having set a goal, looking for the necessary information, you can always figure out how quickly and cheaply to build a house.

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