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Nutrition and basic exercises for weight gain

The first task of most young people who come to the gym is to gain muscle mass. The speed of the set of muscle mass depends primarily on the genetics of man, namely, on the type of physique. What are the basic exercises for mass recruitment? These exercises are not so many, but they effectively contribute to increasing your weight.

The main thing when recruiting mass is not only to perform exercises in the hall, but also to eat properly and fully rest. Proper nutrition is a pledge of a quick set of muscle mass without excess fat deposits. Our stomach has the ability to stretch, so the more and more you eat, the more you can eat next time. For caloric content of food you can not watch, the main thing is that the body daily received 3-4 grams of protein and 6-7 grams of carbohydrates per 1 kg of your weight. During the period of muscular mass gain, you need to eat regularly 4 to 7 times a day. At first, you do not need to rape your body, you need to gradually increase the portions and the amount of their use.

The basic exercises for levying muscle mass are: deadlift, squats and bench press. Training during the recruitment period should include all of them.

After you have done the basic exercises for mass gaining, and you still have the strength, you can perform basic basic exercises for other muscles. These exercises include:

  1. Raising the bar on the bicep;
  2. Pressing a narrow grip for triceps development;
  3. Press the bar because of the head for the development of deltas.

Number of approaches and repetitions

In order to determine the working weight, you first need to know how many repetitions you need to perform. For mass recruitment it is necessary to carry out 3 working approaches, and before that you need to perform one warm-up with a light weight. The number of repetitions, when you do the basic exercises for weight gain, should be from 6 to 8. If you can make 10 or more repetitions with the selected weight, then you need to add a few kilograms. Performing exercises for other muscles, which are listed above, you can do 10-12 repetitions. You can make an approach both with constant weight, and increase it with each subsequent one.

The rest time between the approaches should be about 3 minutes, during this period you can not sit in one place, but you have to walk. During the exercise, you should breathe evenly. On the effort you need to make an exit. You can not hold your breath during the approach, in this case, your muscles will not receive enough oxygen, and you will quickly get tired.

At a time when you are doing basic exercises for weight gain, you must visit the gym at least 3 times a week.

Sports nutrition

Modern sports nutrition is absolutely safe for health, if it is used in the right amount. It will not only harm your body, but will also speed up the time of muscle mass gain and working weight. Using dietary supplements in your diet, you will recover more quickly between training sessions. In addition, you can consume the necessary amount of proteins and other elements that are so necessary to maintain the body during exercise. It is impossible to use all macro- and microelements from ordinary food.

To eat it is necessary for one and a half - two hours prior to training and in half an hour after it. Before training you need to use slow carbohydrates and proteins, carbohydrates will give you energy, and proteins are a necessary "building" material for your muscles. After exercise, it is advisable to eat fast carbohydrates and proteins. Do not forget about fats, but their number should not exceed 15%.

Today, the range of artificial protein, creatine and amino acids is wide enough, in addition, you can purchase a gainer for mass gain.

Correctly eating and performing basic exercises for a set of muscle mass, you can quickly enough to get the kilograms you need.

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