Multivark with ceramic coating bowls: pros and cons

A multivark with a ceramic coated bowl is currently becoming an increasingly popular commodity among consumers. Manufacturers actively promote this option as a better alternative to traditional pots that have non-stick coating from Teflon. It is worthwhile to figure out what are the advantages and disadvantages of this option, before fleeing and buying it.

On sale now there are several types of bowls for multivarieties: with Teflon non-stick coating; With a ceramic coating; Completely made of stainless medical steel. Most often it is the first variant. Among specialists, there is a constant debate about the durability and safety of such coatings. Studies conducted at the Institute for Risk Assessment in Germany showed that it poses no threat. If we talk about longevity, then it is important that the manufacturer respects all the subtleties of the technological process. Multivark with ceramic coating of the bowl guarantees higher anti-stick properties at the beginning of use, however this advantage will not be more than 3-4 months in normal operation. In the case of high-quality Teflon sputtering, these properties will remain unchanged for two years.

Multivark with ceramic coating of the bowl requires careful handling, since this material is fragile enough, as a result of improper operation, cracks and chips can quickly appear on it. Teflon is not so afraid of such influences. The bowls made of stainless steel also have certain drawbacks. The composition of the material includes nickel, which some people may have an allergy. In addition, such material conducts heat inferior, and when unilateral heating does not have the property to evenly warm up. In such a bowl, it is impossible to prepare sour dishes, since this material is very afraid of the effects of acids.

The multivarquet with the ceramic coating of the bowl has its own advantages and disadvantages, as well as the device with a different coating of the bowl. Do not believe the catchy advertising applications that call you to buy just such a product. Teflon bowl can serve a very long time, regularly preparing all your favorite dishes, and when it goes out of order, then you can think about buying a new one. However, if you decide to choose a multivarquet with a ceramic bowl, then finding a suitable model will not be difficult. Various manufacturers offer a variety of options with both ceramic and Teflon coating. The products of the company Redmond proved to be very good, having received a lot of positive feedback from users.

The "Redmond" multiwire with the ceramic bowl of the model RMC 4502 excellently shows itself in operation. This product is oriented to constant use. In this model, you can see the optimal ratio of price, functionality and quality.

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