Steam microwave inverter oven: description, models and reviews

Microwave ovens have long been included in the mandatory set of household appliances, which should be present in the kitchen of a modern housewife. Another thing is that the choice of a specific model is not easy and requires certain knowledge about the intricacies of this device. Different models differ not only in size, functionality and power. Increasingly, the division goes on the fundamental principles of the organization of the work process. One of the newest and most effective concepts in this direction is offered by the Panasonic inverter oven, which is also presented in several modifications. In particular, the latest generation of the Japanese manufacturer offers a steam humidification system. The inverter control principle is also somewhat innovative - it is worth starting to consider microwave data.

Features of inverter furnaces

In terms of the structural device, this difference is expressed in the departure from the classical transformers. To replace them came the magnetrons, which perform the function of converting a DC to an alternating current. Inverter-type models are quite loud about themselves, which was largely promoted by advertising. Nevertheless, many potential users still distrust this innovation. In fact, inverter microwave ovens have long confirmed their superiority over conventional microwave ovens. First of all, they give an advantage in the form of providing a more qualitatively prepared product. Not only taste qualities are preserved, which is very subjectively evaluated, but also the structure of food. This is especially noticeable in the example of heating dairy products. In addition, systems with magnetrons consume less power. This may seem strange, since the transformers do not work in a constant mode, unlike inverter systems. But the difference in the consumption of resources is achieved due to the fact that the magnetrons in the process of varying power in favor of energy conservation.

What is the difference between a steam inverter furnace?

If inverter furnaces on the market are represented by a fairly large number from different manufacturers, then steam models are a rarity. And the company "Panasonic" - almost the only one who has densely mastered this function. Among the analogs in terms of quality, there can be called a modification from the "Virpul", which will be considered. Its feature is the possibility of moistening food during the warm-up process. This task is realized through an integrated steam humidifier. This is the capacity that the user must initially fill with water, and a ceramic diffuser. Due to the steam effect, the inverter furnace does not allow the products to be dried not only during normal heating, but also during defrosting. But it is important to take into account the shortage of such models. So, if the aforementioned magnetron, in contrast to the transformer, occupies quite a bit of space in the microwave design, the steam-humidifying infrastructure still substantially increases the dimensions of the device.

Model NN-DS592 from Panasonic

Modification NN-DS592 is a combined microwave oven in which the inverter principle of operation and the function of the steam humidifier are provided. It should be noted that there is still no talk of a full-fledged steamer in this case. But in the design is used rigging for the griller. The electric grill has a capacity of about 1380 watts. In this case, any operations inside the camera can be safely performed without the risk of damage to quartz lamps or wall coverings. Fuses are small grilles, neatly mounted in the frame. In addition, the microwave oven Panasonic inverter in this version is equipped with an oven that allows you to use the effect of fermentation and the option of preheating. By the way, fermentation may be required for intensive dough raising.

Model NN-CS596 from Panasonic

This is the older and more functional version of the combined microwave oven, which has both pluses and minuses. The user of this version gets at the disposal of a choice of 6 ways of preparation. Among them is the exposure of the product to microwaves, steam, grilling, convention and various combinations of these cooking formats. Regarding the temperature range, the convention makes it possible to heat from 100 to 300 ° C. However, if you need a powerful inverter furnace, then this option may not work. Its power potential is 1000 W, which is an average for modern microwave ovens. The volume at the same time will suit many housewives, since the camera can hold up to 27 liters.

Model JT379 from Whirlpool

A competitive version of a steam inverter microwave device. But immediately it should be noted that the function of the grill in this model is not provided, and the steam effect is realized as an auxiliary capability and is given less importance than in the Japanese analogues. On the other hand, the Whirlpool inverter oven with a humidifier can be of interest to a process control system. The user does not need an accurate calculation of the cooking time. The unique development of the engineers "Virpul" automatically tracks the level of preparedness, timely changes the heating parameters and stops it at the moment of optimal food state. The power of the device also does not differ high potential - 1000 W, but again impresses the volume of the chamber, making 31 l.

Positive feedback on inverter steam microwaves

The advantages of inverter furnaces with steam impact are unique. This is the case when the high quality of preparation does not contradict the interests of economy. As users note, food in such models is prepared quickly and at the same time retains its shape. For example, milk is not poured, cereals do not spread on a plate, and fruits receive optimal internal warming. The owners also point out that the inverter microwave oven requires exactly as much energy as is needed for a particular function. And this is achieved in many ways. Thus, "Panasonic" initially optimizes the regulation function of inverter converters, and the company "Virpul" rationally spends energy thanks to the "smart" heating control system during operation. In many respects balanced treatment by thermal radiation and allows preserving the nutritional properties of products without destroying their structure.

Negative feedback

There are also quite expected shortcomings in this technique. The most important of them is the cost. Inverter-type models with the function of steam humidification can be purchased at a price of 17 to 25 thousand rubles. average. This aspect most of all frightens off the consumer. But the owners have claims already to the operational features of such equipment. In particular, large sizes are noted. Even in the initial segment, the inverter furnace with steam humidifier can exceed the high-capacity traditional analogues in size. The most insulting is that the increase in the size of the useful space for cooking is not added. It is reserved for the integration of steam humidification devices.

How to choose the best model?

If the choice has already fallen on the inverter steam oven, then it will be superfluous to look at other parameters. Pay attention, for example, to the way to directly control the functions of the device - through mechanical elements, a console or a touchpad. Also, the inverter microwave oven is selected in terms of power. It has already been said that models of this type rarely pamper high potential, but it is compensated by a balanced heating system. Therefore, the power above 1000 W for a small family may not be required. Take into account and a set of additional accessories and accessories for the device, which often go already in the basic configuration.


The introduction of new technologies into everyday consumers is often accompanied by a number of shortcomings and shortcomings. This applies to microwave ovens, which every year get rid of aging and inefficient functions. This trend is confirmed by the example of the Panasonic inverter oven, supplemented with a steam humidification system. It is possible that two relatively new concepts implemented in this technique will further create a whole direction in the segment of kitchen appliances. But while the users themselves are only getting used to the proposed innovations, which, of course, have raised the level of microwave ovens qualitatively.

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