Vacuum cleaners Scarlet: customer reviews

Scarlett is a company created jointly by Russian and Chinese manufacturers. Registration of the company took place in the mid-90's in England. This brand is used for selling various household appliances: electric kettles, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, etc. The main sales market is in Russia. The factories on which the instruments are assembled are located in China and other countries of Asia.

This article will provide information on vacuum cleaners TM Scarlett. They attract a large number of buyers due to the low price, which even for the most productive devices does not exceed 70-90 $. The pleasant moment is that in various actions the "Scarlet" vacuum cleaner is always involved. Buyers' comments say that in this period you can make a successful purchase, paying only about $ 30.

It should be noted immediately that people's opinions about the technology of this brand are divided. However, most of them believe that in all products the quality is fully consistent with the price.

It is not necessary to compare the Scarlett TM with more expensive firms, as it immediately becomes clear that the Russian-Chinese brand is significantly inferior in terms of assembly reliability, productivity and service life. But this does not mean that the devices after the purchase will work only a few months. On the contrary, according to reviews, the Scarlet vacuum cleaners function without breakage for at least 3 years. Such a device is ideal for cleaning small rooms (apartments, houses, garages). It is designed for everyday use. With dust and dirt, the vacuum cleaner is doing fine. Most buyers are completely satisfied with their purchase.

Distinctive features

Even despite some shortcomings, which we'll talk about a little later, the Scarlet vacuum cleaners are becoming especially popular every year. Consumer demand is easily explained. The reason for the demand are the features of these devices. The most important criterion is price. Even considering the short period of operation, the cost is quite justified.

No less significant is the design. The case completely corresponds to the modern style: streamlined forms, smooth lines, bright colors. Externally, the device is practically no different from the more expensive "colleagues". And the last criterion is technical characteristics. They comply with European standards.

Types of vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners "Scarlet" come in different types. In the model range there are instruments with or without a bag.

The models in which there is a dust bag belong to the classical form. Air filtration is carried out by multi-stage cleaning. Typically, they have a HEPA filter installed. It has a number of drawbacks. These include an unpleasant odor when heavily soiled, frequent cleaning. Dust collectors are of two types: fabric (reusable) and paper (disposable). Classic models, as a rule, are small in size, equipped with a convenient telescopic tube, easy to operate.

Vacuum cleaners "Scarlet" cyclone type have a clear distinctive feature - the absence of a bag. In the role of the dust collector is a transparent container. Keep track of the level of its fullness is simple enough. Such models are equipped with systems "cyclone" and "multicyclone".

Advantages and disadvantages

To ensure that the buyer does not feel deceived, before buying a vacuum cleaner, you need to carefully study all the advantages and disadvantages of this technique.


  • A large number of service centers that provide free of charge devices for warranty;
  • Convenience and ease of management;
  • Excellent level of maneuverability;
  • Worthy technical parameters;
  • Beautiful appearance;
  • Reasonable cost.


  • HEPA filter, which, when contaminated, affects the suction power;
  • Low-quality materials (fragile enough);
  • Strong noise, reproduced by the engine during operation.

Scarlett SC 287

The Scarlet SC 287 vacuum cleaner is equipped with a good suction power of 350 watts. The working process is controlled by a convenient switch. If necessary, the power can be selected independently, setting from the minimum to the maximum rate. The cost of this vacuum cleaner varies within $ 45.


  • Power consumption during operation is 1500W.
  • The length of the cord is 5 m.
  • Type of cleaning - dry.
  • The volume of the dust container is 1.5 liters.
  • Power supply - 220 Watts.
  • The noise level is 70 dB.
  • The filter is HEPA.

Reviews about this model are not only positive. Many people do not like noise during work, a short telescopic tube and an unpleasant smell. Advantages include a relatively small weight (7.2 kg), automatic winding cord, cyclone dust collector, exterior design, quality of cleaning.

Scarlett SC 284

This model fully meets modern requirements. During operation it consumes 1500 watts. The vacuum cleaner is designed only for dry cleaning. It is able to absorb dust with a maximum power of 320 watts. Dirt is collected in a special flask, capacity of 2 liters. The device is equipped with a HEPA filter.

Model SC 284 has small dimensions: 30 x 31 x 44 cm. A weight of three kilograms makes it very mobile. Wheels - plastic. The length of the cord is 5 m, the cleaning tube is a composite one. Included is a nozzle for cleaning the floor and carpet. Considering that the vacuum cleaner body is not transparent, the manufacturer has set the bulb filling indicator.

According to reviews, this model has many advantages. The most important is a special version of dust collection. It is stored in a container in a tightly knit state, so frequent cleaning is not required.

Vacuum cleaner "Scarlet Indigo IS 580"

This vacuum cleaner is a modern apparatus designed for dry cleaning. It is made in the original design. Equipped with a multi-cyclone air purification system. To collect dust, a transparent container is installed, the volume of which is two liters. Performance indicators: suction - 400 watts, consumed - 1800 watts. The exhaust air is cleaned through the HEPA filter 10. During operation, it emits a loud noise, the level of which reaches 80 dB.

Vacuum cleaner "Scarlet IS 580", the reviews are mixed, not very impressed by the buyers. In it there were many defects, for example, a short telescopic tube, a weak level of maneuverability, a small radius of harvesting (7.5 m).

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