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Monument to Peresvet in Bryansk. Historical events

The monument to Peresvet in Bryansk has been standing for a long time. However, let's start with the fact that the city of military glory Bryansk is located on the banks of the Desna. Its population is a little over 400 thousand people. A magnificent panorama of beautiful and picturesque distances, residential quarters of the business working city opens from the Pokrovskaya Mountain area, which rises directly above the city, forming the steep coast of the Desna. Once upon a time, it was from here that the ancient settlement began, eventually forming the city-fortress of Bryansk.

Monument to Peresvet in Bryansk. Pokrovskaya Mountain

From all sides the fortress was closed by high and steep slopes of the mountain, impenetrable forests and ravines, which served as a reliable defense of the city from numerous enemies.

Before proceeding to the story about the monument to Peresvet in Bryansk, it should be noted that the Pokrovskaya Mountain for a long time, literally until the end of the XVIII century, was the center of the city. Posad after the fortress. The city of Bryansk was first mentioned in the Ipatiev Chronicle in 1146, when only 350 people lived on Pokrovskaya Mountain. Then different people, craftsmen and peasants began to settle there. In 1246 the city became the center of the Bryansk principality. Bryansk prince Boris Mikhailovich, who died in 1401, was the son of the prince Michael, who was killed in the Golden Horde, he began to build and strengthen the city.

Memorial Complex

The monument was opened in 1985. Then the city celebrated its 1000th anniversary. In honor of this great event, it was decided to erect a whole complex - a monument to Alexander Peresvet and Bayan and a stele with Motherland-Motherland. Behind the backs of the first two characters a snow-white arrow is visible, above which stands the sculpture of a simple hard-working woman who is the personification of the image of Motherland and Motherland. In her hands she holds a sickle and a hammer, they represent symbols of farming and craftsmanship. The newlyweds come to these well-known monuments of the Pokrovskaya Mountain to honor their memory, and at the same time take a picture and leave the ribbon for luck.

Peresvet and Bayan

Bryansk is called the land of Peresvet. His majestic sculpture was erected on the highest point of the Pokrovskaya Mountain. The composition includes the hero of the Kulikovo battle, seated on a mighty horse. Russian monk-warrior Alexander Peresvet at the beginning of the battle fought with the strongest Tatar hero Chelubey. According to an ancient legend, this Russian warrior was from Bryansk. Next to him sat Guslyar Bayan, who also once was a resident of these places. It was he who with his songs raised morale to military soldiers before the battle.

Monument to Peresvet in Bryansk: history

It is believed that Peresvet was born in Bryansk and before the adoption of monasticism was boyar, who participated in military campaigns. In the life of Peresvet and Oslabi it is stated that they were pupils of the venerable father of St. Sergius of Radonezh, to whom Dmitry Grand Duke Dmitry Donskoi headed for spiritual support and blessing. Venerable Sergius blessed not only him, but two warriors-monks with him: Alexander Peresvet and Andrew Oslabya. Alexander prayed in one of the cells and, leaving his apple-tree staff, which is now stored in the Ryazan Museum of Local History, went to battle.

From the side of Mamai he was opposed by the immense power of the warrior Chelubei, who fought 300 fights and did not lose a single one. Peresvet knew that the spear of Chelubey was poisoned and a meter longer than him, and he practically did not get to it, so he took off all his armor, remaining in one schema and with a cross on his chest. He in advance calculated that the enemy's spear at the speed will pass through his body and give him the opportunity to get closer to Chelubey so as to knock him down and hit him to death. All this happened, and Peresvet, after receiving a mortal wound, was able to return to the system and die at the hands of comrades-in-arms. A faithful horse carried him, left in the saddle of the winner, to his own.


After this, the Kulikovo battle began , it was September 8, 1380. It is assumed that the bodies of the Reverend Peresvet and Oslabi (who was also from Bryansk) are buried in the refectory of the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin in Moscow in the vicinity of Stary Simonovo.

There is a suggestion that in the Kulikovo battle, the son of Oslabi Yakov also participated, who, like his father, folded his head for Rus-Mother. There is a story that Dmitry Donskoi was wounded in the course of the battle and fell from his horse. Inflating, pulling his body into a safe place, put on his armor and again led the squad into battle, thus affecting the outcome of the battle.

The monument to Peresvet in Bryansk stands as a reminder to contemporaries, it's hard to imagine, but, according to rough estimates, on the side of the Don from 40 to 70 thousand soldiers, Mamai's army numbered from 90 to 150 thousand people. Russian troops lost 20 thousand, the horde - 8/9 of the total army.

The opening of the monument was also important due to the fact that the Vladimirs, Bryans, Suzdalians, Rostovites, Kostroma and others went to the battle, but they returned from battle they were a single Russian people.

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