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Mexican actress Barbara Morey: movies, biography, personal life

Fans of Mexican soap operas are perfectly familiar with the actress by the name of Barbara Mori. She starred in numerous TV series, somewhere she got the main role, somewhere - secondary. Also in Mexico, this beauty is known to everyone as a model that has been the face of various brands and brands for over a decade now. What is this person famous for? What are her personal lives and creative achievements?

Barbara Mori: Biography

The future actress was born on February 2, 1978 in the Uruguayan capital of Montevideo. Her childhood did not foresee a great acting career, she did not study in specialized schools and universities, did not attend courses or circles. As a child, Barbara Mori lived with her parents in her native city, but soon her father and mother divorced. The actress's father is half Uruguayan, half Japanese. Her mother is a Mexican. Therefore, after the family broke up, the girl was in constant traveling between her native Uruguay and Mexico, where, oddly enough, her father's ass settled. When Barbara turned 14, she decided to stay with her father in Mexico. There the future actress and model worked as a waitress in a restaurant, which her family kept. It was in this institution that she met designer Marcos Toledo, who offered her a more profitable job, drawing attention to the artistry and bright appearance of the girl. So Barbara Mori came to the center of the training of actors on Azteca TV, where she studied theatrical and cinematographic skills, rhetoric.

Career and major film projects

So it turned out that the actress did not play at the initial stages of her career in the theater. But this did not stop her from conquering not only Mexico and all of Latin America, but even India. Her most notable project was the movie "Kites", which Bollywood filmed in the US.

Well, now back to the beginning of the career of the actress. She first appeared on television in 1997, when she played an insignificant role in the series "To the north of the heart." A year later she receives a major role in the soap opera "Blue Tequila" - Azul (by the way, in Spanish "Azul" means "blue", and also this is a female name). In the same 1998 Barbara Mori was shot in the famous Mexican TV series "A Woman's Look". A year later, the actress appears in the next multi-series creation of Mexican filmmakers called "I'm dying for you," but her role in this project is negligible. Her first feature film was a painting called "Inspiration", where Barbara played one of the main roles. Then came the roles in such films as "Love and Perfidy", "Uncovered Love", "My Brother's Wife", "Forever", "Spanish Beauty" and many others.

Current activities

Since 2005, all the projects in which Barbara Mori takes part are films. She completely leaves the series, focusing on single-shot paintings and on the model path. In Mexico, Barbara was the face of many world cosmetics brands, she took part in various TV shows, appeared on the covers of fashion magazines. Her most vivid works in the film world were the films "My Brother's Wife" and "Kites". But this is not the complete filmography of the actress for the past 12 years. She was involved in the filming almost every year, and on her account such tapes as "Forever", "Minor things", "Cello", "One Minute", "Counter Wind" and her last project - "Two Moons". It was thanks to the filming in films, and not in soap operas (as almost all Mexican actors do), Barbara Mori has gained worldwide fame. It became popular not only in the Western world and in Russia, but also won the East, and this is by far not every actress.

Personal life

In the late 90-ies Barbara Mori met with her colleague - actor Sergio Mayer. They were one of the most beautiful pairs of Mexico, and in 1998 they had a son - Sergio Mayer Mori, who is now almost twenty years old. The relationship of this couple was not legalized, and, apparently, not in vain. A few years after the birth of the child, Barbara and Sergio diverged, but each of them continued to expand his creative acting horizons. Separately it is worth noting also another character from the world of cinema - Indian actor Hrithik Roshan, son of the famous Bollywood director Rakesh Roshan. With him, the Mexican actress met on the set of the movie "Kites", they were partners in the frame. The press and fans immediately began to gossip about the fact that Barbara Mori and Hrithik Roshan are lovers, even in spite of the fact that the Indian actor is married. Moreover, Barbara, Hrithik and Sabrina (the actor's wife) were united in the so-called love triangle, which was one of the most discussed at various parties. But none of its participants confirmed or denied this rumor.


As it turned out, such a terrible disease, like cancer, can overtake even beautiful actors and models. The exception was not and Barbara Mori, who in the middle of the 2000s was diagnosed with "breast cancer." Fortunately, the disease was discovered at the very beginning, so the best doctors with it easily and quickly managed. However, the event greatly shocked the actress, and she began to look for people among the celebrities and ordinary people of Mexico who also had or currently have a similar medical opinion. After getting rid of the disease, Barbara starred in a documentary project, which dealt with cancer, ways to get rid of it and about believing in the best.


It is possible to say with full confidence that Barbara Mori is an actress, although Mexican, but very atypical for this country. And everything begins with her genes, in which there are Japanese, Uruguayan, and Mexican particles, and ends with her desire to get away from soap operas and plunge into the world of real cinema. She became an international actress, worked with Mexican, American and even Indian directors, and also did not lose sight of the fact that she was a model, and she always used it.

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