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Medicine today - dry eye syndrome

Many people eventually begin to experience itching and rezi in the eyes, accompanied by their rapid fatigue and lacrimation. Such manifestations may indicate an initial stage of development, the so-called dry eye syndrome. Usually this term is used to describe the symptoms of various eye diseases that have a general picture. Most often, patients have complaints of pain, blurred vision, dryness or, conversely, lacrimation, as well as a sense of the presence of a foreign body in the eyes. Usually, these signs do not manifest themselves.

It was found that the cause of dry eye syndrome has different:

1. Insufficient production of lacrimal fluid by lacrimal glands;

2. The influence of external factors on the ocular film.

3. Mechanical effects on the eye.

Dry eye syndrome, symptoms of its manifestation can be observed in people who use contact lenses, have other eye diseases, take certain medications, have various chronic diseases and age over forty years. Also often enough, dry eye syndrome develops in people spending a lot of time behind a computer monitor or leading an unhealthy lifestyle. In this case, the lacrimal glands normally function, however, tears from the eye surface evaporate rapidly due to injuries, the pathology of the development of the century, and other factors.

Many people begin to pay attention to the presence of this syndrome based on common symptoms. The final and correct diagnosis can be made only by a specialist who assesses the degree of redness of the mucous membrane of the eyes, the amount of tear fluid, the degree of eye damage with the help of special equipment. Moreover, the oculist will give a referral to the examination of an endocrinologist, as in frequent cases the dry eye syndrome develops due to disruption of the work of the organs of internal secretion.

Methods of treatment of this disease appoint an ophthalmologist. This may include substitution therapy, antiallergic drugs, vitamins, as well as NSAIDs, in severe cases, surgical intervention is required, since ulcers may form on the surface of the cornea. The most commonly prescribed drugs are the so-called artificial tears, which contain polymers and hyaluronic acid, for example, Oftagel, or a natural tear, for example, Lacrisifi, thus being natural eye moisturizers.

With such a disease as dry eye syndrome, it is not recommended to self-medicate, as many drugs may cause even more drying out of the eye mucosa, and cause its deformation.

Ophthalmologists recommend the prevention of the development of this syndrome. So, it is necessary to exclude dehydration of the body, to be distracted from prolonged work behind the computer monitor, to regularly ventilate the room and be outdoors, to conduct gymnastic exercises for the eyes and eat right. In short, it is necessary to adhere to the right way of life.

It should be borne in mind that dry eye syndrome can be the cause of the development of serious diseases, so it is necessary to begin its treatment in a timely manner. In those cases when a person has a job associated with constant eye strain, regular exercises should be carried out regularly, as well as other measures aimed at the prevention of this disease.

Thus, ophthalmologists recommend timely not only a survey of eyes and eyes, but also various measures for the prevention of eye diseases, especially for people after the age of fifty.

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