Many women want to learn how to determine pregnancy at home?

Signs of Pregnancy

Some changes in the body of a woman can indicate pregnancy. In addition to medical research and official medicine, there is such a thing as instinct. It is he who tells the woman about her "interesting situation". The main symptoms of pregnancy are as follows:

1. Change in behavior. A woman during this period can take offense for no reason, be irritable, succumb to apathy, cry or be capricious. The same signs have PMS, but in conjunction with other symptoms it becomes clear: pregnancy.

2. Changes in appetite and food preferences. The first couple of weeks after the conception of the baby the woman will not eat well, she will not have the desire to even try food, but eventually her appetite will play out. Under the influence of their own hormones, the body will require food to saturate the blood with useful substances that are necessary for the child. Many do not understand how to determine pregnancy. At home, it's easier than it seems. Just look at how a woman turns her nose away from her favorite dish.

3. Nausea. The cause of refusal from food can serve as a beginning toxicosis. It also causes weakness of the body and leads to a decrease in pressure in the arteries. Thus, a woman always vomits, and she can faint.

4. Frequency of trips to the toilet. Another way to determine pregnancy at home is to count the number of trips to the toilet for a small need. If during a urination a woman does not feel pain and discomfort, then the cause of everything is not cystitis, but pregnancy.

5. Change of mammary glands. Most women primarily have hormonal changes during the period of gestation. As a result, the breast becomes more sensitive, begins to ache and increase in size.

6. Pain in the uterus. This symptom appears before menstruation or during pregnancy. Therefore, if the pain has come, and there are still no monthly ones, plus other symptoms of pregnancy, it means that the ovum is fertilized and successfully develops.

7. Increase in temperature in the anus. This method of verification is not entirely accurate, because in many cases, even if there is a fetus, the temperature may not rise.

8. Pregnancy test. If you do not know how to determine pregnancy at home, use a drug test. With its help you can easily find out the answer. The test is sometimes false negative and false positive, so a woman should take into account all the changes that occur to her. In early terms, the test may not show the presence of pregnancy, and if there are malignant tumors in the body, show a positive result.

9. Accelerated metabolism and increased body temperature.

10. Changing the color of the eyes. A woman has a darkening of the iris three days after conception. This sign has been known since ancient times and was used by Hippocrates to determine pregnancy in women.

Address to the doctor

Many women seek an answer to their unspoken question: "How to determine pregnancy at home?". The answer is simple, at home one can only guess at the presence of the fetus. A woman needs someone to confirm her guesses. This will help the family doctor. Since this doctor knows your body for many years, he can easily recognize the pregnancy. But after the consultation, you still have to register at a local clinic.

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