"Maninil": analogues, their comparison and reviews

Diabetes is one of the most serious diseases of modern man. Without special drugs, people who have such a problem can not live. And of course, the cure for diabetes should be selected correctly. Very often doctors prescribe effective drug Maninil to patients. Instructions for use, price, reviews, analogues of this medication - about all this and talk later in the article.


This drug is delivered to the market in the form of tablets. либенкламид . Its main active ingredient is d- libenclamide . One tablet of this substance may contain 3.5 or 5 mg. Also in the drug include lactose, potato starch, silicon dioxide and some other components. The company Berlin Chemi is engaged in the production of this drug.

The drug "Maninil" is relatively expensive. Its cost is approximately 150-170 rubles. For 120 tablets.

In what cases is assigned and contraindications

Getting into the patient's body, the drug "Maninil" (its analogues can act in a different way) increases the sensitivity of receptors that perceive insulin. It gives the active ingredient of this medicine and other beneficial effects on the patient's body. "Maninil", among other things, can stimulate the production of natural insulin.

Indications for the use of this drug is diabetes mellitus type 2. It can be prescribed exclusively by a doctor-endocrinologist. Contraindications to its use are:

  • Diabetes mellitus type 1;

  • Diabetic coma and precoma;

  • Pregnancy and lactation;

  • Severe renal or hepatic insufficiency;

  • Reduced number of leukocytes in the blood.

Side effects

Of course, under certain circumstances, this medicine can have a negative impact on the patient's body. Side effects when it is applied sometimes are as follows:

  • Weight gain;

  • Failure of visual perception and accommodation;

  • nausea and vomiting;

  • трансаминаз в крови. Increased transaminases in the blood.

How to use

как и для препарата "Манинил 3,5 " , инструкция по применению. It is provided for 5 mg tablets exactly the same as for the preparation "Maninil 3,5 " , instructions for use. лекарства могут иметь разную стоимость) на этот медикамент, как уже упоминалось, относительно высока. The price (analogues of the medicine may have different costs) for this medication, as already mentioned, is relatively high. In addition, doctors prescribe it to patients for free, unlike cheap substitutes, are rare. That is why many patients are interested in whether this medicine has cheaper analogues. Such drugs are available in pharmacies. But before proceeding with their description, let's see what kind of instruction is available for the Maninil device itself.

The doctor selects a dose of this medicine for the patient individually. Depends on the amount taken on the day of the drug, mainly from the level of glucose in the urine. Begin drinking this medication usually with a minimum dosage. Then the last increase. (в зависимости от результатов анализов 3,5 либо 5 мг). Most often at the first stage, the patient is assigned half a tablet per day (depending on the results of the tests, 3.5 or 5 mg). Further, the dose is increased by not more than one tablet per week or several days.

Reviews about "Maninil"

Here is such here and is provided for the drug "Maninil" instructions for use. Analogs of this drug are quite numerous. But "Manylin" many patients consider almost the best means in their group. Opinion in patients with diabetes mellitus about this drug has developed quite well. It helps, as most consumers think, just fine. However, unfortunately, this medicine is not suitable for all patients. To some patients, it simply does not go.

In any case, all patients, without exception, recommend drinking this medicine only at the dosage recommended by the doctor. Otherwise, the drug may cause intoxication.

What are the "Maninil" analogues?

There are many substitutes for this drug in the modern market. Some of them deserve good customer reviews, others do not.

In most cases, people with diabetes mellitus use analogues with such names instead of Maninil:

  • "Diabetes".

  • "Metformin".

  • "Glukofazh."

  • "Glimepiride."

Sometimes patients are wondering whether the analogue of "Maninil" 3.5 mg (tablets) exists on the market. Synonyms for this drug in the modern pharmacological market is practically nonexistent. Most analogs are made based on other active substances. And consequently, the proportions of the composition in the substitute tablets are different. The only structural analogue of "Maninil" is "Glibenclamide." Only this substitute can be purchased at a dosage of 3.5 mg.

The medicine "Glibenclamide"

Indications and contraindications for this drug are exactly the same as those of the "Maninil" itself. After all, in fact, this medicine is its cheap generic. It is worth this drug in pharmacies of the order of 80-90 rubles. Although the active substance of both these drugs is the same, it is still possible to replace Maninil with Glibenclamide only on the advice of a doctor. Diabetes mellitus is a serious illness. This drug is produced in Ukraine.

Opinion of patients about "Glibenclamide"

Like Maninil, reviews (analogues of this drug with other active substances often go worse for the patient), this drug from consumers deserved good. In addition to effectiveness, many patients treat the advantages of this medication as its low cost and the convenience of dividing tablets. Many patients consider the drug "Glibenclamide", manufactured in Kiev, to be of better quality. Unfortunately, Kharkiv tablets can crumble.

The medicine "Diabeton"

This drug is available in the form of white oval tablets. Its main active ingredient is glycoside. Like "Maninil", "Diabeton" refers to the group of sugar-reducing substances of the last generation. The main advantage of this drug is in addition to the effectiveness of the lack of addiction. Unlike "Maninil", "Diabetes" allows you to restore the early peak and prevent the development of hyperinsulinemia. The advantages of this drug, in comparison with many other drugs of this group, is that it is able to lower the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Reviews about "Diabeton"

The amount of sugar in the blood, according to most patients, this drug also reduces very well. Side effects, according to consumers, "Diabetes" is quite rare. To the shortcomings of this drug, most patients relate basically only its rather high cost. Pay for it is necessary more than for "Maninil". Analogues (the price of drugs used in diabetes, can vary in fairly large ranges), this drug is usually cheaper. "Diabetes" in this regard is an exception. It is worth packing of 60 tablets of this drug in pharmacies of about 300 r. This medicine is suitable, as well as the majority of hypoglycemic agents, unfortunately, not for all patients.

The drug "Metformin"

This medicine is supplied to pharmacies and clinics also in tablets. гидрохлорид метформина. Its main active ingredient is metformin hydrochloride. The pharmacological action of this agent is manifested primarily in the fact that it reduces the rate of absorption of sugar from the intestine. On the very process of insulin production, like "Glibenclamide" and "Maninil", it has no effect. One of the unconditional advantages of this medicine is that it does not provoke the appearance of signs of hypoglycemia in the body.

Reviews about "Metformin"

Praise this medicine for the sick primarily for the softness of the action. I deserve good reviews of "Metformin" and for the fact that with its use you can not only, in fact, treat diabetes. Promotes taking this medication and reducing the weight of patients. Like "Diabeton", this medicine, among other things, reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood of patients. The advantage of this remedy is also considered not to be a particularly high price for it: 60 tablets of Metformin cost about 90 rubles.

в первые месяцы приема он может провоцировать диарею. To some of the shortcomings of this drug, consumers basically refer only to the fact that in the first months of admission, it can provoke diarrhea. «Манинил». This side effect sometimes gives and "Maninil". его часто также отличаются тем же свойством. Analogues of it often also have the same property. But the side effect of diarrhea in most of these drugs is usually not so pronounced.

The preparation "Glimepiride" ("Amaril")

вещества под названием глимепирид. This medicine is made on the basis of a substance called glimepiride. On the patient's body it has a complex effect - it stimulates the gland, depresses the production of sugar in the liver, increases the sensitivity of tissues to the action of the hormone. This drug greatly reduces the risk of developing diabetic nephropathy. Very often doctors prescribe medication "Amaril" simultaneously with "Metformin". On sale today there is also a drug, which is a complex of active substances of both these drugs. It is called "Amaryl M".

Reviews about the medicine

нение об это препарате у людей, больных сахарным диабетом, сложилось просто отличное. The idea of this drug in people with diabetes is very good. The effect of its application is usually noticeable. It is believed that the use of this drug is best if only "Metformin" alone does not help. The size of the Amarin tablet is large. In addition, they are at risk. Therefore, it is very convenient to divide them if necessary.

The medicine "Glucophage"

This drug is synonymous with Metformin. The active substance is exactly the same. The same applies to indications and contraindications. Like Metformin, this remedy acts quite gently on the patient's body. Weight also lowers well.

Reviews about this drug are basically the same as those about Metformin. Some patients even believe that this is the same medicine, but just from different manufacturers.

Instead of concluding

Thus, we found out what "Maninil" is (instructions for use, price, analogs are now known to you). This means, as you can see, is effective. Most of its analogues also deserve simply excellent reviews of patients. However, to use this drug and replace it with other medicines with a similar therapeutic effect, it is necessary, of course, solely on the advice of a doctor.

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