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Luciano Spalletti: biography and photo of the football coach

Luciano Spalletti is a former Italian player. Today is a coach. He was a mentor in several clubs in Italy, including "Roma", with whom he achieved the best success. Trained "Zenith" from St. Petersburg. In the winter of 2016 he headed "Roma".


Born Luciano Spalletti on March 7, 1959. The birthplace is the Italian town of Certaldo. However, he spent his childhood in Empoli.


As already mentioned, the childhood of Luciano Spalletti passed in Empoli, where he went to school and was engaged in football. After classes, he attended training at the football school "Fiorentina". Despite persistence, the player was recognized by the leadership as unpromising. Footballer left school and joined the youth team "Castelfiorentino". Performed at the position of midfielder.

Player's career

In "Castelfiorentino" Luciano Spalletti spent one season and received an offer to go to "Enttel". Here he too was late for a while. Already in 1986 he was in "Spice", where he spent 4 years. He managed to perform in 120 games and score 7 goals. The last years of his career he spent at Empoli.

Career coach

Finished playing Luciano Spalletti in 1994. "Empoli" at that time played in the C series of the championship of Italy. Spalletti took the post of coach of the youth team, and only a season later rose at the helm of the main staff. I must say, he was able to train much better than playing. In just two years he managed to bring the humble Empoli to Serie A and attracted the attention of many clubs.

"Sampdoria" and "Venice"

In 1998, the hero of our narrative was led by a rather strong Sampdoria. But here Luciano Spalletti, whose photo was then in all Italian newspapers, was not lucky. The club failed the season, and the coach had to give up work before it was over. "Sampdoria" is located at the bottom of the standings and flew out of the elite Italian division.

Luciano Spalletti in his youth had time to work with many teams in Italy. In 1999-2000, he tried himself in "Venice." And again he was remembered as the main loser of Italian football.

"Udinese" and "Ancona"

In 2001, Luciano was able to coach the more famous Italian club Udinese. Not following the wishes of the leadership, he left the post after one season.

The next stop was the plain-looking Ancona. In the coaching staff, the Italian spent the season and got a second chance from Udinese, who then experienced difficulties. The middle peasant of Italy with Luciano Spalletti, whose biography is full of interesting details, managed to rise to the 5th place. The next season turned out to be less successful, and the club was on the 7th line. The most successful was the third year of Spalletti's stay at the club. "Udinese" took the 4th place and got into the Champions League. Despite considerable success, Luciano decides to leave the coaching bridge, as he doubts that he will be able to lead the club to the trophies that the leadership wanted.


In those years the team was in a deplorable state. Miraculously she managed to avoid a slide in the class. Two weeks after leaving Udinese in Italian newspapers, the news appears: "Spalletti Luciano is the coach of Roma." The 2005/2006 season started with failures for Luciano, but in the end the team scored points and finished on the 5th line. Scandals around match-fixing matches, in which "Roma" was not implicated, and did raise the team in 2nd place, which allowed to compete in the Champions League.

In the European competition, "Roma" went into the quarterfinals, where she lost a lot to Manchester United. The club finished the next 2 seasons in the status of vice-champion of the country. In the Champions League again met with "MU" in the quarterfinals and lost, and a year later flew to the 1/8 finals from the London "Arsenal".

Under the control of Spalletti, the Roman club managed to win the national cup twice, as well as the Super Cup. In 2006 and 2007, Luciano received the title of the best mentor in the series A.


The beginning of the 2009/2010 season for "Roma" was unsuccessful. Luciano Spalletti leaves the coach. Until December, the Italian specialist did not work anywhere and negotiated with Zenit from St. Petersburg. Soon, Spalletti climbed to the bridge and started working with the team. The contract was signed for three years. The salary of the Italian mentor in "Zenith" was, according to one data, about 4 million euros per year. Other sources indicate an amount of 2.5 million euros.

Success in the new club came to Luciano immediately. The Italian fell in love with the audience and found a common language with the players. "Zenith" under the guidance of the new coach did not lose in 23 matches in a row. The first insulting defeat happened in the qualifying round of the Champions League. Interrupted the series was able to "Auxerre". "Zenith" did not get into the group stage of the Champions League and went to conquer the second-strongest European cup.

In the LE group the club from St. Petersburg won 6 times and reached the 1/16 finals with the first line. May 2010 brought the team the Cup of the country.

In November of the same year the team became the owner of the championship title, beating "Rostov" with a large score of 5: 0. Until the end of the season there were two more tours. The team led by Spalletti dedicated the victory in the tournament to St. Petersburg, the fans and the management of the club. The specialist's success did not go unnoticed at home. Italian players and coaches congratulated the compatriot with the trophy.

In early March 2011, the club received the country's Super Cup, beating with a minimum score of CSKA Moscow.

In 2011, a team led by an Italian coach took part in the Champions League. "Zenith" has demonstrated a decent game and for the first time in its history was in the playoffs of the tournament. The final match of the group was against Porto on a visit, where they retained a draw, which allowed to take the second line.

In early 2012, the management team extended the contract with the coach for 3.5 years. Under the terms of the contract, Spalletti could now deal with matters related to player transfers.

In late April, "Zenith" defeated the Moscow "Dynamo" and won the championship cup for three rounds before the end of the tournament. Thus, Luciano Spalletti was able to take the Cup of the Russian Championship for the second time in a row. In May of the same year, the media reported that the Italian may take the post of coach of the Russian team.

Championship 2012/2013 a specialist began with a change in the image, growing a mustache. The team included the Brazilian Hulk and the Belgian Axel Witsel. Transfers became a record for Russian football. Nevertheless, "Zenith" could not leave the group in the Champions League, taking third place, and the title of the champion of the country lost to CSKA.

In early March 2014, management decided to remove Spalletti from the management team. Despite this, the specialist continued to receive a salary. At the post he was succeeded by the Portuguese Andre Wilash-Boasch.

After that, there were many rumors about the new work place of Luciano. In early 2016, the coach again took "Roma", where he is building a new football.

Personal life

The coach has a wife. Luciano Spalletti brings up three children. He is engaged in collecting hammers. True, he only assembles a hand-made tool, made on a conveyor belt, he is not interested.

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