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Rotan Ruslan - Ukrainian Pirlo

The national team of Ukraine was successfully qualified for Euro-2016, having beaten a very strong Slovenian team in qualifying, and in the group playing with the national teams of Belarus, Slovakia, Spain and Liechtenstein. We think everyone will agree that the opponents are very difficult, but the qualification was successful, and the Ukrainian team flew to France. Who was the leader of that team? It's clear, in the game plan, such can be considered Andrei Yarmolenko and Eugene Konoplyanka, but still the captain on the field most often played midfielder Dnipropetrovsk "Dnepr" Rotan Ruslan. It was his playmaking abilities that helped the team to open up the massive defenses of rivals.

Rotan Ruslan: Biography

The future footballer and captain of the Ukrainian national team and the Dnipropetrovsk Dnipro was born in Poltava, in the family of a football player who played for the local club Vorskla. At the time when Ruslan visited the football academy, all the best players went to either Dynamo Kiev or Dnipro Dnipro. Ruslan was lucky with the second club and therefore began his professional career in Dnepropetrovsk. By 2002, the whole Dnepropetrovsk heard the new name and name that the announcer announced at the stadium - Rotan Ruslan. After this young footballer played 3 seasons for Dnipropetrovsk, than attracted the attention of the capital's Dynamo, which in 2005 invited the young player to join the team.

Rotan Ruslan: trauma is about him

Ruslan's game did not cause any complaints either from the coaching staff, or from the fans. It actually could be compared with the Italian opornika Andrea Pirlo, because his style of play was very similar. The culture of the pass and strike was at the highest level and the European future was predicted for him, but that was not the case. A series of serious injuries suffered another young player at that time. All this time he struggled with injuries, then recovering, then picking up the form. In 2008, finally losing the confidence of the coach and place in the composition, Rotan Ruslan decided to return to the city where his career as a professional football player began. This is a new and probably the most successful stage in his career.

Dnepropetrovsk "Dnepr" - the house of native

Career Rotan in the Dnepropetrovsk club was very successful. When he was in uniform, he was regularly called up for the national team of Ukraine, besides becoming captain in the club and vice-captain in the team of Ukraine (after Anatoly Tymoshchuk). The successes of Rotan were also evident, which is only his success with the club in the form of the final of the Europa League in 2015, where Ruslan himself scored an enchanting goal with a free kick. His career is full of rewards, and even now, at his 34, he remains a very high-class player who can help his game to almost any team. I doubt that in recent years in Ukraine, played a football player under the plan, and even with such skill. About the player by the name Rotan Ruslan you can only say that he is one and the other is not there.

The personal life of Ruslan Rotan

At the moment, Ruslan is already in his second marriage, and his husband's name is Christina. From this marriage he has a daughter of Miroslav. Where the wife of Rotana Ruslana at the moment, no one will be able to answer, because the girl herself is very modest and appears only at the company of her husband and children, which in fact does her credit. Ruslan's first wife was an athlete, to be exact, a karate player, from the marriage of a football player has three children. We can say that Ruslan's whole life passes under the lenses of television cameras, but somehow he manages to restrain all the most intimate in a narrow family circle. Even when in 2011 Rotan was getting divorced from his ex-wife, there was not a single headline of the newspaper that was buzzing about it. We can say that Ruslan is a professional not only on the football field, but also in life.

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