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Laryngitis in a child: treatment in many ways

The inflammatory process that developed in the larynx is laryngitis. At the child treatment of illness can borrow or occupy only couple of days, and can be stretched for a long time (in case of bringing the inflammatory process to a chronic condition). In addition, the duration of therapy will depend on what causes laryngitis. Its nature can be both viral and allergic. At children in the senior age the precondition to an inflammation quite often is a strong pressure of vocal cords.

Laryngitis in a child: treatment

It takes a few days for the child to whisper. Before the baby, of course, it will be difficult to convey such an idea, try to submit it in a playful form. And older children probably know for themselves that it's better to keep a couple of days together than to suffer from manifestations of the disease for a long time. If possible, the child should breathe more of the nose, not the mouth. This is due to the fact that the inhalation of dry air dries the ligaments, which leads to increased hoarseness.

Let the baby drink warm liquid in large quantities (at least one and a half liters daily). And swallow it should not be a volley, but in small portions, gradually. Boiled milk also contributes to the elimination of hoarseness and hoarseness, and if a small piece of melted butter is added to the glass with it, the effect will become even stronger: the throat will become moist and the perspiration will stop.

To help the child with laryngitis in the apartment, where, for example, there is a repair, which entails an abundance of caustic fumes in the air, it is unlikely to work. Effective treatment process will only be if the baby does not inhale irritants. A good result is inhalation with laryngitis in children. Of course, it is better to have an ultrasonic inhaler available, but even if it does not exist, one should not refuse such procedures. You can just put the child in front of the pot with freshly boiled potatoes and ask him to take a steam. Breathing should be done by mouth. In addition to potatoes, for inhalations it is possible to use infusions of herbs heated on a water bath: St. John's wort, chamomile, sage.

Twenty-minute hot foot baths can help in the therapy of the disease. Doing it best before bed. The water temperature should be 42-45 degrees. After the procedure, put warm socks on the baby.

Consult a doctor if the child does not have laryngitis for several days. Treatment will be incomplete and may not bring the desired result if the baby does not follow a diet. It is necessary to exclude from the diet acute spices and seasonings, fried foods, ketchup. If the child refuses to eat meat and vegetables in a cooked form, they can be baked.

Acute stenosing laryngitis in a child: treatment

About this state you need to tell separately, it is also called "false croup". This kind of laryngitis is characterized by edema of the larynx, which causes narrowing of its lumen and, as a result, difficulty in breathing. With false croup, you should call an ambulance immediately. Before the arrival of doctors, it is possible to alleviate the condition of the child by giving him an alkaline liquid (of any mineral water, in her absence, a soda solution in such a proportion: 1 liter of soda for 1 liter of boiled water).

While waiting for an ambulance, go with the child to the bathroom, close the door tightly and turn on the hot water, pre-plugged the drain hole. As a result of such actions, a large amount of steam is formed in the bath, the inhalation of which will moisten the cough of the baby, and therefore reduce the danger.

Give the child to drink an antihistamine, for example, the drug "Suprastin", and the drug that removes spasm, for example, the drug "No-shpa."

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