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Aider Muzhdabaev: biography and career

Aider Muzhdabaev was born on March 8, 1972, he is a famous Russian journalist, who began his career in this field even in the Soviet era. Fame was achieved back in those days. He is also a media manager and deputy editor in the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets, a member of the Union of Crimean Tatars in Moscow and writes mainly on political topics. This is an amazing person, able to achieve the intended goal, stubborn, inquisitive, able to listen.

The first interview he took from a football player, and it was given to him not easily. The sportsman spoke incoherently, he talked a lot, there was very little sense in the conversation. As a result, Muzhdabaev coolly sweated before the interview was ready. He always works conscientiously, he never aspired to be a celebrity, to satisfy ambitions he is quite satisfied with the recognition of his professionalism by his colleagues, and he likes to write more than to supervise.

Biography of a journalist

Aider Muzhdabaev, whose biography begins in Tambov, lived by no means a boring life by the will of fate. He has something to remember for the past years of work. His father came to Tambov from Uzbekistan to study and met there with Tatyana Drozhzhina. They later was born in the same city Aider Mujabayev. The famous journalist entered the university of chemical engineering, but left after the second year, realizing that this was not his vocation. At this time he was already published in a local newspaper, which was at war with the local authorities. There he later became a deputy editor. Accidentally, Aider met with visiting journalists from the "Moskovsky Komsomolets", who came to write a reportage. They became friends, and in 1995 Aider Muzhdabaev became the correspondent of "MK", and in 1998 he moved to Moscow, becoming a political correspondent. Then he was a long time editor of the department writing about Moscow life. In 2008, the journalist received the post of deputy editor-in-chief.

Family of Aider Muzhdabaev

The genus of the Aider comes from Karasubazar. His great-grandfather Mahmut was missing in the war in 1941, before that he worked as an accountant at the printing house. He took his great-grandmother Ina with his wife from the Almin valley. She came from a noble family of wealthy Uzbeks.

Grandma Vasfiye lived near Namangan, where she was exiled. Father Izzet with the brothers Mansur and Rustem moved her from there to Fruit, where she died. She has a younger brother, Jafer-aga. He, along with his wife Zubeir-aga, now lives in Simferopol. There is also his son, who belongs to Ayder's uncle.

Journalist about his work

Aider Muzhdabaev, whose photo flaunts in many print media, admitted that he does not know about what "non-standard interview" means. He himself says: "I'm not a journalist in secular categories, I do not go to concerts ... I will never forget a meeting with Okudzhava, Gardner, Dzhemilev, Dudayev. With the latter, probably, it was just a non-standard interview at night. His guards tried to politely take me out of his office, and Dudayev himself spoke and spoke, not paying attention to the gesturing guard. "

Why Muzhdabaev became a journalist

Aider Muzhdabaev believes that there are a lot of decent people among journalists, whatever they say about them. Everything turned out by itself. He likes meeting with interesting people, constantly getting new interviews, participating in the process itself. At the same time, the desire for writing appeared in his youth, for this very reason he abandoned the institute. Journalism is his whole life, his favorite work, although often it is not very pleasant and grateful. But he is not going to throw it, and if there was an opportunity to work in the Crimea in the specialty, he would gladly go there. But while it is out of reach.

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