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Kim Breitburg: the creative path of the composer

Kim Breitburg is a famous composer, producer, sound engineer, arranger and musician, with over 600 songs on his account. His work is characterized by a high civic position. Many would like to get to the concert of Kim Breitburg, because his lyrical songs often touch the secret strings of the soul. The groups created by Kim Alexandrovich: "Assorted" and "Prime Minister", and the songs of the author "Flowers under the snow", "Petersburg-Leningrad", "Lunar melody" are well-known to the Russian listener. Also compositions Breitburg included in the collections of such Russian stars as Valery Leontiev, Nikolai Baskov, Laima Vaikule, Alla Pugacheva, Boris Moiseyev, Larisa Dolina. Kim Alexandrovich is the producer of the projects "The Secret of Success" and "People's Artist", which were broadcast on the Rossiya TV channel.

Kim Breitburg: Biography

The birthplace of Kim Breitburg is the charming city of Lviv. The future composer was born on February 10, 1955 in the family of stage artists: the father is a musician, the mother is a dancer. The parents gave an unusual name to the boy in honor of the heroically deceased uncle, as well as under the influence of the Soviet era: in fact, this is an abbreviation, which stands for "The Communist International of Youth".

Musical art Kim began to study at the age of five. At the age of six, the specialists discovered that the child had an absolute hearing, which predetermined his future destiny.

Specificity of the profession of the father, his excitement and restlessness forced the family to change their place of residence often.

In 1961, Kim came to the class of the famous teacher NI Vil'pert, where he studied piano. Then, for eight years until 1969, he studied in Dnepropetrovsk, and after - 4 years in the music school of the city of Nikolaev (Department of Music Theory). In this southern Ukrainian city, 16-year-old Kim in school met with the guys and began playing with them rock'n'roll. The model for imitation at that time were foreign collectives Rolling Stones, Beatles, Doors.

Kim Breitburg: "Dialogue"

It was during this period that Kim took a great interest in rock music, tried himself in different groups (the "Forsage" group, Gaudeamus and others), and in 1978 created a group that later became known as "Dialogue". Recognize the musical team, working in the direction of progressive rock, began after the rock festival in Tbilisi, which was held in 1980. It was there that Kim Alexandrovich was recognized as the best vocalist, and the collective created by him became a laureate of the festival. Then there were touring the country, recording vinyl records (first illegally, then officially): "Night Rain", "Red Rock", "Simple." In the period from 1986 to 1992, "Dialogue" for the most part toured abroad. The team traveled almost all of Europe - it's Germany, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden. In Western Germany came 2 records. In the repertoire of the group such compositions as "Once Tomorrow", "Share with Me", "I am a Man" and others.

Influenced by time

With the collapse of the Soviet Union, there have been tremendous changes in the life of music collectives, whose concerts have now taken on a bright commercial color and, for the most part, were based on phonograms. The "Tender May" period has come: the audience has changed, other songs have sounded, and their content was different from the previous ones.

Then there was a return to the homeland and the understanding that in the vastness of his country "Dialogue" could not exist. After all, in Soviet times the band was something like PinkFloyd and arranged dramatized shows with huge screens, lasers, liquid slides and so on. In the 90's it became irrelevant, and the band, which could easily be called cult and had great authority among the public and musicians, gathered huge halls, sports palaces and stadiums, suddenly ceased to exist in 1992. The members of the collective have adapted to the new time as they could, but the former team has been maintaining the connection up to now.

Breitburg Kim - producer

Kim Breitburg changed the profession of a musician and started producing music bands and performers, including the Meladze brothers. With them, he recorded such songs as "Do not disturb my soul, the violin" and "Limbo".

In the 1990s, Kim Aleksandrovich moved to Moscow, where he took care of musical groups "Bravo", "Bakhyt-Kompot", "Prime Minister". Also as a composer and mentor, he worked with Nikolai Trubach and Slava.

Creation of Kim Breitburg

Composer Kim Breitburg composes music for a large number of performers, collaborates with many poets, writes texts himself, co-authored (with the Moscow songwriter Evgeni Muraviev) a musical about Leonardo da Vinci, based on Merezhkovsky's book The Resurrected Gods. Also, the musical "Blue cameo" was staged as a musician - a modern story about Catherine's times and Princess Tarakanova, who declared herself the legitimate heir to the throne.

In 2006, Kim Alexandrovich received the honorary title "Honored Artist of the Russian Federation".

In the family life, Kim is happily married to Valeria, who works at the Academy. Gnesin senior teacher of variety vocal. He has a musician of two children: the daughter of Masha and Alexei's son, who took an example from their father and chose the musical path.

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