"Katepal" (roof): features and characteristics

When it comes to choosing the material for the roof, many without hesitation prefer the products of "Katepal". The roof of this brand has many advantages over similar products of other manufacturers, as will be discussed later.

Features, characteristics

The first bitumen shingles on the world market was presented by KATEPAL company from Finland. It was unique in comparison with other roofing products. For the production of products we used fiberglass, on which modified bitumen and stone powder was applied.

Roof "Katepal" has many important features for the construction and operation of finished facilities. These include the following indicators:

  1. A long time of operation, in which this soft roof will retain all its characteristics.
  2. Installation of the roof "Katepal" is very simple and usually does not cause difficulties even on difficult roofs.
  3. The possibility of damage to an individual element without problems replace it without removing the nearby tiles.
  4. Absence of noise during precipitation and wind.

Benefits of using

The most important plus, which distinguishes the roofing products "Katepal" - excellent appearance. Color combinations are so accurately calibrated that any, even the most uncomplicated by architectural standards, the building is transformed, looks elegant and beautiful. As for the stylistic solutions of modern designers, the material of the Finnish company is able to supplement and decorate any of them.

One of the characteristics of this material is practicality. The flexible multilayered "pie" of such a roof does not respond to the influence of temperatures (from +100 to -30 C), ultraviolet, is not afraid of heavy snowfalls and torrential rains. But the most important thing is that fungi and mold do not appear on this roof, it does not damage microorganisms, so it can last much longer than other more durable roofing materials.

Conveniently packaged tiles are lightweight, so transporting, storing and mounting them is very convenient and easy.

"Katepal" is a low weight roof, which is very important for old buildings whose base and walls can not withstand slate or metal coating, so in many cases this material becomes the only solution when performing repair or restoration works.

Soft roof "Katepal" has many shades and colors, but still the most popular are the following collections.

Collection "Rocky"

The finished surface imitates an old shingle roof. Main colors of the theme:

  1. Autumn maple.
  2. Terracotta.
  3. Gold sand.
  4. Red granite.
  5. Chestnut.
  6. Blue Lagoon.
  7. The Baltics.
  8. Taiga.
  9. Dunes.
  10. Makhagon and others.

The main part of the products is non-woven, bitumen-impregnated fiberglass with a self-adhesive underside. On the face is distributed powder with a granulator. To simulate the desired shade, only natural stones are used. The material can be used to cover roofs with a slope of 11 degrees or more.

Collection "Katrilli"

"Катрилли Катепал" - a roof of high quality. It has an attractive appearance and a three-dimensional effect. Each hundredth of the surface is emphasized by a three-dimensional shadow. The color scheme belongs to the naturalistic traditions and is perfectly combined. It:

  1. Blue.
  2. Gray.
  3. Heather.
  4. Dune.
  5. Frost.
  6. Lichen.
  7. Red autumn and others.

The finished surface depicts moss, bark of trees, etc. Due to the variety of natural shades, it is possible to select a material of this color that will be in harmony with the exterior of the concrete building. Warranty from the manufacturer - from 20 years and more, provided that during installation the lining material was applied.

Collection "Jazz"

The peculiarity of the products of this collection is a mosaic hexagonal pattern. Light and shadow visually change the surface, and it seems deep and voluminous. Primary colors:

  1. Copper.
  2. Green.
  3. Brown.
  4. Gray.
  5. Red.

Collection "Foxy"

Thanks to the shape of the right rhombus, which is exactly how the material is cut, the finished surface looks as if it's a professional folded or slate roof. From a distance, the roof of the house, covered with a flexible tile of this collection, resembles sea waves.

The material is suitable for all climatic zones. In addition to high technical characteristics, the flexible tile of this collection also has an affordable price, which, of course, was immediately appreciated by consumers.

The main colors of the collection:

  1. Dark Grey.
  2. Light gray.
  3. Green.
  4. Red.
  5. Brown.

Collection Classic KL

"Classic KL Katepal" - a roof imitating a one-tone cast of noble shades of the following colors:

  1. Black.
  2. Green.
  3. Gray.
  4. Brown.
  5. Red.

This is the most budgetary, so the most popular collection of the Finnish company. Appreciated it and those who like strict architectural solutions. Like other roofing products of the company, the collection "Classic KL" can serve more than two decades, if it was laid on the lining.

Installation work

The material can be used to cover the roofs of complex shapes that have even minimal slope. Due to the flexibility of the shingles, it is not difficult to connect the corners, seams and pins with bitumen glue, which will fix the plates of "Katepal".

Roofing, photo of which, better than any words, emphasizes its aesthetics, does not require the use of highly specialized tools, the formation and assembly of auxiliary structures.

Begin work is necessary with the creation of high-quality ventilation: moisture accumulates in each room. For its withdrawal, ventilation equipment is used, but if there are any errors in this system, condensation begins to appear on the airtight surfaces. In winter, it freezes, and with the onset of heat melts and seeps into the insulation. Because of this, mold and fungus appear, which cause the failure of wooden elements. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to arrange ventilation of the under-roof space so that the intake opening is at the bottom of the roof, and the hood - at the maximum distance from the roof surface of the "Katepal".

The construction of the roof "Katepal" is carried out as follows:

  1. Substrate preparation. Installation of soft roof "Katepal" begins with the preparation of a continuous flat surface, which will be firmly attached to the base.
  2. Installation of lining material over the entire area, on which will be laid flexible tile.
  3. Installation of the cornice and end plates.
  4. Installation of bitumen endovaya carpet, which will serve as a waterproofing. When choosing it, you need to ensure that the color scheme coincides with the color of the final coating.
  5. Marking of the surface with chalk.
  6. Laying of flexible shingles.
  7. Fastening tiles.

Subtlety of technology

  1. The installation of the coating can not be performed on thermal insulation - there must be a through space between them.
  2. To reduce color discrepancy, it is necessary to take sheets from different packs and mix them before installation.
  3. Each web has an adhesive strip covered with an insulating film. Before installation, it must be removed. After that, the canvas must be laid only on the right place, otherwise it will be stuck, and it will be difficult to remove it.
  4. Before opening the package, it must be bent so that the cloths separate from each other.
  5. If the installation is carried out in hot weather, walks along the laid soft tiles can not be - there will be traces.
  6. If there is a minus temperature on the street, it is best to leave the work to heat or heat the sheets with heaters or thermofan, otherwise they will not stick together.

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