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Jeff Bridges: filmography and personal life (photo)

Jeff Bridges, whose filmography has about 60 paintings, does not belong to the so-called cash actors, but his contribution to the development of cinema is huge.

The famous actor in Hollywood did not rush - he himself came to him. At the age of several months he played his first role. It happened because Bridges was born into an acting family - his father and older brother also played in the movies.

Carier start

After graduation, Bridges worked for some time in the Coast Guard. Then he studied acting in New York. His debut took place in 1971 in the film "The Last Show". This role immediately brought success to the young actor. His undoubted talent was rated so highly that at the age of 22 he was nominated for an Oscar.

Jeff Bridges: the filmography of a famous actor

"The Thunderbolt and the Quick-leg" (1974)

For this film, the actor was again nominated for an Oscar. In it, he played a hippy tramp, whom a bank robber takes into his companions.

"King Kong" (1976)

In this film, Bridges got the role of paleontologist and defender of nature, who secretly joined the oil prospecting expedition to a remote island. On it they find a giant gorilla. The picture received several awards, including "Oscar" for special effects, but the expected success was not.

The Throne (1982)

Here for the first time, the possibilities of computer graphics were widely used. The film in the category of cult did not hit, but had a huge impact on the development of computer games. In addition, with his release, the era of the use of computer graphics in cinematography began. The actor played in the film the role of a programmer who got into the cyber universe, which he himself created.

"The mirror has two faces" (1996)

Romantic melodrama, in which Jeff Bridges (photo from the film can be seen below), played with Barbara Streisand. The picture received several prestigious awards.

"Big Lebowski" (1998)

Jeff Bridges, whose filmography consists of paintings of different genres, is worthy of the Oscar for precisely this role. This is a cult comedy of the famous Cohen brothers. It is noteworthy that at first most critics were extremely unhappy with the tape, but subsequently the opinion about it changed to the opposite. Like the "Star Wars", "Big Lebowski" contributed to the emergence of a new religion - "Dudaism".

According to the plot of the picture, Jeff Bridges (photo from the film below) plays an unemployed pacifist, who finds himself embroiled in a dangerous adventure. He must give a ransom of one million dollars for the wife of one rich man, but everything goes awry, and negotiations fail. Now Lebowski has to get out of the difficult situation.

An interesting fact is that the characters of the film were created on the basis of real people.

The Planet Ka-Pax (2001)

In this famous psychological drama Jeff Bridges played one of the main roles - psychiatrist Mark Powell, whose new patient (played by Kevin Spacey) claims that he is an alien. The benevolent behavior of the patient and his astonishing knowledge of astronomy and astrophysics are of interest to the doctor. Conversations with a patient who looks completely normal man, make Powell even question his professionalism. Gradually, he becomes more attached to the mysterious patient and decides to solve his mystery.

"Buntarka" (2006)

In this comedy, Bridges played the coach of a closed gymnastic school, which includes a student with a difficult character.

The Iron Man (2008)

Good actor and role of villains, for example the image of Stein, the faithful associate of Father Tony Stark, who seeks to take the whole company in the famous fantastic film "Iron Man".

"Ghost Patrol" (2013)

In this picture, Bridges played the role of sheriff of the Wild West, who after death continues to serve in RIPD This is an organization that looks after that the dead do not return illegally to the living world. The film failed at the box office and received negative reviews from critics.

"The Seventh Son" (2014)

The last work of the actor - the role of the witcher in the sensational film of Sergei Bodrov, Sr..

The top of the career

Although Bridges is not considered a cult actor, but during his career, he was able to achieve almost everything that one can dream of: honor, fame, love of the audience, recognition of colleagues and the most prestigious award. For which film did Jeff Bridges win an Oscar? This happy ticket to the ceremony of awarding the coveted award of any actor was not the most famous picture - "Crazy Heart".

This is a drama based on biographies of several country singers. In it, Jeff Bridges, whose filmography contains many interesting roles, played a spinning old country-country singer who earns a living by performing in small towns. He has no family, behind his shoulders several unsuccessful marriages and an adult son, whom the protagonist has not seen for more than 20 years. He slowly kills himself with smoking and alcohol, until one day he meets a journalist who takes an interview from the hero of the film. Relations begin that make him reconsider his life.

Jeff Bridges - "The Throne: The Legacy"

In 2010, there was a continuation of the famous film "The Throne". The actor once again played the role of Kevin Flynn in it. His son begins to investigate the disappearance of his father, who disappeared 20 years ago. As a result of the searches, he enters the cyber universe, which Flynn created many years ago. Now it is ruled by the dictator CLU - the cybercloan of the programmer. Once the scientist created him as his assistant, but KLU rebelled.

Rumors about the sequel to the "Throne" went back to 1999. In 2009, the Disney studio, which was creating the continuation, announced the official title of the film. In order to recreate the appearance of Bridges thirty years ago, his face was digitized and "rejuvenated."

Personal life

Jeff Bridges with his wife Susan lived a long married life - almost 40 years in marriage. An example of it could serve as a relationship of parents. They were married in 1938 and did not part with the death of the actor's father in 1998. Bridges has three daughters: Isabelle, Jessica and Hayley.


Jeff Bridges - the personality is versatile. He is a wonderful singer, who has two studio albums on his account. In addition, the actor beautifully draws, and his work has repeatedly exhibited in the galleries. Another hobby of Bridges is photography.

Creative plans

For today it is known that the actor is engaged in two projects: the drama "The Children of the Emperor" and the thriller Comancheria. The date of publication of the paintings is still a mystery.

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