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Dolls "The Fairies of Disney": how and what to choose for your princess

Looking at the variety of toys for girls, many parents are simply lost in conjecture, than to please their princess. Dolls "Fairies of Disney" can be a great gift, because this series is very popular, like the cartoon itself. Well, what girls do not like magic?

What do parents say?

Many moms and dads are happy with the fact that their girls play dolls "Disney Fairies". At least because it allows to develop imagination. Coming up various stories about their heroines, girls actively fantasize, imitating what they saw in the cartoon, or creating their own unique games and events. In addition, the dolls of "Disney Fairies" have become an excellent substitute for the famous "Barbie", which used to be very popular. There are different sets that allow parents to choose the most acceptable option.

11-centimeter models with accessories

Dolls of "Disney Fairies" in this category are quite sold goods. First, their cost does not exceed 1200 rubles, which does not hit the parent's pocket too much. Secondly, you can collect a collection of all fairies long enough. And, therefore, the question of what to give a child for another holiday, disappears by itself. Thirdly, these models are quite durable. Made of high-quality plastic, toys have bending legs and hands, a plastic hairdo that always remains perfect, and a set of accessories in the kit. So, the winter fairy Nezabudka can dress up in one of four dresses, which are made in the best traditions of the cartoon - in tender pink, blue and purple tones. Yes, and she also has a fashionable purple handbag. Ideal for a gift to a young princess. Dolls "Fairies of Disney", the photos of which are given in this article, are not just dolls, they are a kind of children's brand that allows the girl to feel special and unique.

11-centimeter single models

Dolls Disney Fairies ("Fairies of Disney") without any accessories in this variation will cost only 500-700 rubles for the model, which is also nice for parents. Such a gift will not hit hard on the family budget, but it will give the child a lot of joy. In general, fairy figurines look the same as in sets with accessories. Is that the wardrobe they have only what they have on the models themselves. But, by the way, you can buy clothes for fairies and separately. Or, for example, sew yourself.

23-centimeter models

These are big dolls for playing. Their cost fluctuates around 1500-1800 rubles per model. And there are solid differences with 11-centimeter "sisters". First, it's the size itself. To play with a large toy is much more convenient and pleasant. Secondly, the hairstyles of the models are not made of plastic, but of artificial hair. That is, the dolls of "Disney Fairies" can be combed and stacked in the way that the owner of the toy wants. This is also very well developed fantasy. Thirdly, the wings of the fairies are unfastened, which creates an unimaginable number of options for games and stories. Girls, as practice shows, like to fantasize not only that the favorite heroine is a magical creature, but also to know that this is the most common doll that you can bathe, for example. And all this without fear of ruining the toy. In a series of 23-centimeter models are all the fairies that are found in the cartoons of the same name.

Sets of two dolls (11-centimeter)

This is one of the most favorite among the girls options. For example, a set of dolls "Disney Fairies", consisting of two pupae and 25 accessories to them. It's a whole story that you can play again and again the way you want. A lot of outfits for dolls please girls because there is an opportunity to dress their heroines in different ways, each time in something new, corresponding to a fictional occasion. In addition, many are already in the childhood of design talents, creating their own unique collection of clothes from what is in the set, complementing what is at hand. The cost of the set may vary depending on what is included in it, but on average does not exceed 2500 rubles. And if this is an analogue of the original pupae, it is even cheaper. Although the quality of this may suffer a little.

Many dolls and immediately

Perhaps this is the biggest dream of little wizards. A set of "Fairy Disney" (6 dolls) will cost the parents an average of 4000-5000 rubles, provided that the model size of 11 centimeters. Yes, this is not the cheapest gift, but how much joy he can bring to the girl! In the set are collected, as a rule, the most popular pupae, which are so loved by young princesses. Each doll is dressed in its own unique outfit, which fully corresponds to what is shown in the cartoon. Yes, and you can always think on your own how to decorate clothes on your own.

Is it worth it to buy?

If the girl constantly reviews the cartoon "Fairies", talks about the main characters, devotes her drawings to them, then definitely worth it! Let the gift not be the cheapest, but the young sorceress will be immensely happy. In addition, games with dolls, as proven by child psychologists, are very important and developing. In the modern world, many parents tend to surround their children with all sorts of gadgets that are somewhat detrimental to the development of babies. And the old kind dolls, albeit in a new fashionable package, remain indispensable and useful. In addition, the cartoon itself, which is devoted to the whole series of sets of "Fairies", is very kind and instructive. Girls will be interested and play with the heroines, and look at them. It is worth buying one doll from the series to check how keenly the baby will deal with it.

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