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What series is worth seeing in your free time

What series is worth seeing in your free time from work, school and home affairs? Russian filmmakers, drawing attention to how frenzied the popularity of the Latin American series in the 90s, came to the conclusion that not only in the far Brazilian and Mexican spaces love emotions can rage, and immediately launched the release of domestic soap. They are not Lost: the Russian characters are somehow closer and more familiar in spirit, that is why the housewives and pensioners happily began to empathize not with Juan Carlos and Mariannam, but with Katya, Frosya and Nikolay. And today there are a lot of domestic multi-series film stories. To at least a little to separate the grain from the chaff, let's try to figure out which Russian TV series should be watched, so that later it would not be painfully painful for aimlessly killed time.

Of course, the most beloved and, we can say, eternal multi-part masterpiece is the film "Seventeen Moments of Spring". This is an old film about the Russian intelligence officer Shtirlitsa, who always looks with pleasure, every time finding something new in him. Also, there will not be time for the gift of watching the movie "The meeting place can not be changed". A dynamic plot, beautiful actors - what else is needed for a pleasant pastime? In addition, this picture will be enjoyed even by the male population.

And what series are worth seeing, so that they had both love and adventure? Take note of the excellent adventure picture "The Ideal Couple". It tells how two professional fraudsters (man and woman) accidentally collided at the airport. Neither he nor she does not know that they stumbled upon a scoundrel, so everyone decided to rob another. What happened, see for yourself. An extremely successful series with sparkling humor and magnificent acting.

Here are some more Russian series that are worth seeing: "The Palmist", "Banditsky Petersburg", "Liquidation". Girls who love mysticism can recommend a multi-part film "Sorceress Love". Here you will be witches, sorcerers, conspiracies, spells, fortune telling, and whatever you want. But is it really true that everything that happens in the film has a magical basis? Maybe it's just someone's foolish rally? Also, you will surely enjoy a slightly ironic, but very vital "Balzac Age, or All the Guys ...".

What series is worth watching men? For the stronger sex today also produce a lot of interesting films. For example, very many adore the "Brigade", "Escape", "Storm Gate". There are also a lot of serials about the work of investigators and prosecutors, for example, "Glukhar", "Prosecutor's Check", "Trace" (also "FES"), "Streets of Broken Lights", "Hunting for Izyubri", "Plot", "UGRO" , "The Brothers". If you do not know which series you should watch to just laugh, then pay attention to the films "Interns", "Matchmakers", "My Fair Nanny", "Save the Boss", "Kitchen". Young people will surely like such multi-series pictures like Univer, Closed School, Daddy's Daughters, Ranetki, Love on the District, Kadetstvo, Molody i Zdorovy.

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