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Is it worth it to "google" on the Internet?

There are different opinions as to whether it is worth to "google" specific people, or does it look very strange and suspicious? Modern search technologies allow you to find the most diverse information about absolutely all people, and if it is in the public domain - why not? Many believe that the search engine makes anyone lazy, but in fact it is not, because the search for "Google" is only encouraging to find specific knowledge. But do you need knowledge about some people? Or is it better not to even think about "naming" their names?

Your friends

So, if you are faced with the question of whether it's worth to google a person or not, you first need to answer the question: Do you know this person personally? And if the answer is yes, then ask yourself another question: is this person your friend? And if you answer this question positively, then you should not google such people - just pick up the phone, call them and ask yourself everything you want to know about them.

Familiar people

However, what do you do if you know the person you want to google, but he is not your friend? There are a lot of options. For example, if this is your former partner and you are looking for his address to send him a greeting card, then nothing terrible in getting you his information will not be. But if you are looking for his address with any other purposes, then try to grow up and leave your relationship in the past. However, if your goal is not an address, but ordinary data, then you can search for information about it, but just remember that after that you are unlikely to feel good or worthy. In this case, you should answer the question of whether you searched the network for information about it before, because if you did it before, your requests can already be considered as "shadowing". Separately, it is worth considering the case when the person you want to know more about is not your former partner. If it's a celebrity, then you definitely can google information, because, firstly, you do not know this person, and secondly, it was for this purpose that the Internet was created. And when it's not about a celebrity, then you only need to google if you are looking for personal data that can be useful to you - otherwise you just waste your time, so it's better to do more useful things.

People near you

If the person you want to Google is not your friend or even your acquaintance, but is near you - do not even think about looking for information about him. This is incredibly strange and suspicious, there is no rational explanation for this, and it is impossible to name this behavior accurately.

Unknown people

And, of course, we should separately consider the situation in which you are going to google unknown people who are not around you. If the data you are looking for is intended to be used in an inexpedient way, then you definitely should not do this, because it looks extremely suspicious and strange, nothing good is guaranteed from it. You can also search for information about the people you are going to go on a date with - in this case you can use Google, but it looks a bit strange from the outside. Well, if it's not about a date, but about people who understand the cooking and conduct their culinary blog, about business partners with whom you are going to conduct business, or even about a blogger who shows his fluffy and cute cat - you can safely To use Google, because the search engines are just created to find out information about people you do not know and are interested in. Accordingly, one can conclude from this that searching for information about people on the network is a rather delicate matter, which has a huge number of faces, each of which can affect the outcome. In any case, you should refrain from looking for information in Google about those people with whom you are or have intimate relationships with which you are close friends, as well as those who are close to you. Naturally, there are cases in which you can, without hesitation, use a search engine to find the data you need - just always you should analyze the situation before using the magic search.

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