Injection into the buttock - simple, easy to remember

An injection in the buttock, or intramuscular injection, is prescribed for the rapid spread of the drug. The needle, passing through the skin, the subcutaneous cover, penetrates the muscle, then the medicine spreads through the tissues. This method of administration of the drug has several advantages. The drug does not irritate the gastric mucosa, is not deactivated under the influence of gastric juice, and most importantly, it quickly begins to act.

An ideal place for injections is the upper outer quarter of the buttock. In adults, it is about 5-7 cm below the crest of the ilium.

There are a lot of muscle fibers on this site, there are no large nerves, there are few blood vessels and nerve endings.

In addition, the injection in the buttock in this place does not affect the sciatic nerve, which is responsible for the work of the legs.

People who do not have medical education, practically do not know how to correctly inject into the buttock. Meanwhile, this knowledge is necessary in everyday life. Suddenly, there may be a need for an emergency injection or a prolonged course of a medicine for a loved one.

Detailed instructions how to make a shot in the buttock, will help you not to get confused in such situations.

Wash your hands thoroughly. For intramuscular injections, it is better to take a 5 ml syringe. His long thick needle penetrates deeply into the muscle, which is especially important for antibiotics. Pay attention to the name, quantity, expiration date of the preparation, and also on the integrity of the ampoule. Nadpilite its neck, then wipe with cotton wool soaked in antiseptic (alcohol). If the preparation is in the form of a powder, open the metal cover, wipe it with alcohol and inject the solvent (water for injection, novocaine) with a syringe. Shake the bottle well, achieving complete dissolution of the powder, and dial the finished medicine into the syringe. Release the air from the syringe, pushing the piston upward until the solution drops appear. To avoid infection, change the needle to a new one. Dampen with alcohol two pieces of cotton wool.

An injection in the buttock is best done by putting the patient on the stomach or side - so the muscles relax. Wipe the injection site with cotton wool, slightly stretch the skin at this point and insert the needle at a right angle almost full length. If your patient is a child, then, on the contrary, it is recommended to squeeze the skin, and insert the needle at an angle of 45 degrees.

Enter the medicine slowly. This will help to avoid infiltrates under the skin. Then, pressing a second fleece place of injection, quickly remove the needle. Through cotton wool, massage the injection site lightly. This will help the drug to absorb more quickly, and alcohol to disinfect the wound.

For the safety of the patient, take the injection process very seriously. Do not take the medication in the syringe beforehand - it decomposes, and the syringe - becomes infected. Do not use the same syringe again. Before injection, do not touch the needle with your fingers. Choose the right place for the injection. If blood flows from the wound, then you are trapped in a vessel. Remember that this is unacceptable when injecting oily solutions.

Be careful if you know that your patient is allergic. The reaction to the drug may turn out to be unexpected, up to anaphylactic shock. If the patient is covered with a rash after the injection, he has itching, shortness of breath and convulsions, immediately dial the number of the "first aid".

Observing these simple requirements, you can easily make an injection in the buttock, which means helping another person. I wish you success!

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