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Earth fleas and methods of fighting them

There are cases that in old houses or apartments there are fleas, which give owners a lot of trouble. They are entered from the entrances, cellars and from neighbors. Earth fleas are small bugs from 2 mm, so single insects are very difficult to detect. Upon entering the apartment, they settle in skirting boards, upholstered furniture, carpet lanes and other places, lay eggs and multiply. We notice their existence in their dwelling and we sound alarm only after numerous bites that are rather painful, and they heal much longer than mosquitoes. In addition, earthen fleas can be carriers of diseases such as typhus, plague, hepatitis B and C and many others.

Therefore, for those who have not yet encountered this problem, it is suggested to check and determine if there are earth fleas in your apartment. How can they be found? This can be done with the usual white paper, which must be decomposed in places most favorable for the existence of fleas. After 15 minutes, carefully inspect the sheets. If small dark dots are found on them, which disappear after the paper stirring, they are fleas.

Together with earthenware in the apartment can be herbal fleas. This species has nothing to do with those insects that have the status of "warm-blooded". Like all representatives of this species, they have a tiny size and differ only in color. They do not bite a person and are absolutely harmless to him. The main food of these fleas is plants. Therefore, without difficulty, you can guess that getting into the apartment, their secluded place to become houseplants, which soon die.

How to destroy fleas in your home? First of all, it is necessary to conduct a wet cleaning of the apartment with any detergent, to wash all things, and it is desirable to boil the bedding. Carpets, carpets and upholstered furniture are recommended to vacuum, and in the presence of a steam generator - and treat them.

The next stage of the fight is the treatment of an apartment using any means of fleas. It can be like ordinary Dichlorvos, as well as more professional drugs, such as Biorin, Ultra Effects, Chlorpyrimarck and others. The package should have the inscription "to combat creeping insects". Here you can read the detailed instructions for the use of this drug. The resulting solution carefully processed plinth, floor and walls of the room (1.5 meters from the floor). Any untreated surface gives these little insects a chance to survive.

After processing it is necessary to close the room for two hours. After which it must be carefully ventilated. During the week, cleaning in the treated apartment is not recommended. This is necessary in order to kill not only earth fleas, but also their larvae. If, after a three-week period, the insects do not disappear, the procedure must be repeated.

When using any remedy for fleas, you must observe the maximum precautions: rubber gloves, gauze bandage. When choosing a remedy, you need to remember that organochlorine compounds can accumulate on the body of people, and this can lead to intoxication of the body. Organophosphorus compounds and carbonates are better not to be used in residential premises, since they have a strong toxic effect. To less toxic agents include pyrethrum and pyrethroid.

To expel fleas from the apartment you can use and folk remedies that are safe for tenants. So, for example, fleas can not tolerate the smell of such herbs as tansy and wormwood. They can be spread out around the apartment in bundles, or you can use the infusion of these herbs in wet cleaning. After a while all the fleas will leave your apartment.

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