Increase immunity by folk remedies

The reasons for the lowering of immunity

In a modern society that does not like to waste time on weakness and illness, a decrease in immunity becomes a common occurrence due to poor ecology, violation of the regime of life and nutrition, mental and physical stress, lack of exercise, lack of adequate rest, frequent infectious diseases, Suppressing immunity, the presence of bad habits. Often medicines are used without acute need, and rarely anyone thinks that all these drugs are not designed for permanent use, that they are an opportunity to last a short time after which there must necessarily be a break, entry into the normal natural mode of life and exclusion from As far as possible, the achievements of modern pharmacology.

Reduced immunity manifests itself in exacerbation of chronic and cold diseases, rapid fatigue, drowsiness, insomnia, lethargy, apathy. The increase of immunity by folk remedies allows to restore a full-fledged human life and protect the body from harm caused by diseases and uncontrolled use of chemical preparations.

Increased immunity of folk remedies

In nature, natural remedies such as herbs and plants (garlic, echinacea, aloe, Chinese magnolia, ginseng, dandelion, St. John's wort, celitone, etc.), fruits (strawberries, kiwi, citrus fruits), vegetables (broccoli, Pumpkin, carrots), herbs (parsley, dill, celery), flower pollen, cedar and walnuts, honey, olive oil, fish and seafood, green tea and mate.

You can use herbs and plants in the form of broths and tinctures, fruits and vegetables - in the form of fresh squeezed juices or salads, honey can be added to teas and decoctions. Vegetables and fruits can also be extinguished, but they should not be subjected to prolonged heat treatment, as a result of which they lose many of their medicinal properties.

For immunity prevention is also important, do not wait for the onset of the disease, it is desirable to try to do everything to ensure that it does not come.

With the onset of the disease, for example, a common cold, an increase in immunity by folk remedies should be a priority, it is necessary to help the body fight an infection that causes fever, intoxication, and prevent undesirable consequences and complications.

The increase in immunity by folk remedies, such as herbs, has its own peculiarities - one should carefully read the contraindications so as not to provoke an exacerbation of any existing disease or an allergic reaction. In addition, the use of tinctures and broths should be conducted in courses, with obligatory breaks, as also indicated on the packages of ready-made fees. Fresh squeezed juices, for example, often contain sugar in large quantities, so they are recommended to take small portions or dilute with water. To apply each of these means must be treated reasonably, moderately. The opinion that the larger the dose, the quicker it will be, is fundamentally wrong, exceeding the prescribed doses can lead to undesirable and unpleasant consequences.

Increased immunity by folk methods

In addition to the above, you can help your immunity by tempering, moderate physical exertion, full-length prolonged sleep, sunbathing and bathing. All these activities will help keep the body in good shape, keep youth, cheerfulness, and strengthen its protection. It is important that they are regular.

The basis of healthy immunity

Ways to increase immunity can be chosen to your taste, but physical exertion, prolonged sleep and balanced nutrition are the main ones, which give an excellent long-lasting result. It is desirable to exercise with moderate load, the most simple kinds: walking, running, swimming, bike training. Yoga and Pilates will not only help strengthen the muscles and vessels of your body, but will also calm the nervous system. With the variety of sports complexes available to choose the right one for you it will not be difficult.

Eat preferably fractional (5-6 times a day). Do not overeat - for the body this is tantamount to poisoning, which in turn leads to a decrease in immunity, also avoid the feeling of hunger - this is stress. Everything is good in moderation.

To improve immunity, least of all, positive emotions are important, so communicate with family and friends, listen to pleasant music, live with pleasure.

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