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If the guests on the doorstep: inexpensive salads in a hurry

Probably, you had such things: knock on the door, you open - and there's a cheerful company of friends who decided to spontaneously look at the light. And you feverishly sort through the contents of the refrigerator, while hospitably inviting everyone into the house. Do not worry. Now you will get acquainted with several recipes for tasty and affordable salads, which will help with honor to get out of the difficult situation.

Cabbage, sausage, mayonnaise

Yes, if you are interested in inexpensive salads in a hurry, the first you are offered is this one. What is needed for him: a piece of any cooked sausage. It is not - it does not matter, sausages or sausages will do, only the last will have to boil. So: cut cubes of meat component. If there is a green onion and fresh dill - it's wonderful! Slice them finely. No - and okay, the usual bulb on the bulb will do. Chop it thinly and pour it with boiling water to soften bitterness and sharpness a little. In general, the onion is a democratic vegetable, it is an indispensable ingredient that can be added to almost all inexpensive salads, they are quickly cooked or not. And, finally, cabbage. Cut it with a thin straw, remember lightly to let the juice. Mix all ingredients in a bowl, season with mayonnaise and sprinkle with vinegar or lemon juice, season, sprinkle with a little pepper. If there is canned green peas - put it, it will not hurt. Mix again, put in a salad bowl - everything, the dish is ready! It is not high-calorie, delicious - some solid vitamins!

Carrot and Nut Salad

We will continue to offer inexpensive salads in a hurry, and next we have a dish of carrots. 3 large root vegetables should be rubbed, as in Korean. Cut half a glass of cilantro, chop the tablespoon of peanuts. Put the ingredients in the bowl. Preheat a little vegetable oil, add 2 teaspoons of lemon juice, 1 - sugar, salt - to taste. Stir. Add 2 cloves of chopped garlic, hot pepper. Let the dish steep for 10 minutes and serve! Salad such - an excellent snack and a storehouse of vitamins!

Crab sticks hurry to the rescue

If you have a package-another crab sticks, a can of canned corn and several eggs, then you can also create inexpensive salads in a hurry, practically for 20 minutes. Eggs boil hard, chill, finely chop. Cut the sticks, mix with the corn. To make the dish a gentle consistency, grind them with a blender. Add eggs, season with mayonnaise, if desired, season, pepper.

Vegetable platter

By the way, quite a good salads in a hurry, inexpensive at all, will be obtained if you use as a component of crackers, hard cheese, cucumbers and tomatoes. All cut into random quantities, add greens, season with mayonnaise. Or do this: boil 3 eggs, cut into thin slices. Also do with the fresh cucumber - you will need it. In sour cream add a little vinegar and mustard, this will be sauce. It is desirable that you have salad leaves - cut them. In the dish, lay them first, then eggs. Pour them sauce. Cover with pieces of cucumber and sprinkle with dill. Delicious!

Fruits and vegetables in one "vial"

You probably already noticed that almost all cheap salads, hastily cooked, consist of vegetable ingredients. And at last such an appetizing recipe. For it you will need: 2-3 fresh cucumbers, as many raw carrots, apples, tomatoes, some salad leaves. Carrots, apples and cucumbers chop straw. Tomatoes - small slices. Salad break into medium pieces. In half a cup of sour cream, add a little sugar, salt and lemon juice, mix, and season with the sauce. It will be accepted "with hurray".

Bon appetit and delicious snacks!

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