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Hybrid of orange and mandarin

Citrus fruits already no one is surprised. Oranges, grapefruits, lemons are already quite common; And mandarins are so much like childhood and the New Year. But now even more often even in the summer you can meet mandarins, which were once actually sold closer to the New Year. A hybrid of orange and mandarin is generally a frequent guest on the table. True, that it is he, very few people know. And some sellers also do not suspect this - they were sold as mandarins.

And nevertheless, there is a name for this citrus - Clementine. A beautiful and unusual name. The hybrid of orange and mandarin was bred in the beginning of the 20th century. The breeder Father Clement (he was a priest) gave him his name. But it can rarely be found on price tags. The fact is that this mandarin hybrid with orange-korolkom is very similar to mandarin. Even outwardly, they are easily confused. And yet, there are differences.

In the first place, the peel of clementine is more stringent than that of mandarin. Its color is more saturated and fiery orange, and the progenitor is simply orange. Clear this citrus somewhat more difficult, and its surface is more even, without looseness. A hybrid of orange and mandarin may not have bones. Its leaves are smaller and harder. But, of course, it's not easy to meet citrus with leaves, so what they have for tangerines, very few people know.

At the present stage of breeding, 3 species of clementine are derived: it comes from Corsica - it is pitted, the Spanish can contain from 2 to 10 bones, and the Montreal - 10-12. So, a hybrid of mandarin with orange continues to be excreted and has several distinctive features. By the way, the palatability of clementine is much more appreciated. If the fruit is really ripe, it will amaze with its sweetness, but the flavor is not as strong as the mandarin. And if your hybrid of orange and mandarin did not have time to mature, then it will be as sour as a lemon. But at the same time his skin will be quite bright, like ripe. If you compare 2 citrus, then the taste is more like a mandarin.

A significant advantage of citrus can be considered that they are absolutely unpretentious to the temperature regime of storage. Only 2-3 ° C of heat is enough and they will remain unharmed for about 3-4 months. At the same time, thanks to a solid peel, clementine is less prone to mechanical damage. And the most important thing is that these fruits absolutely do not need nitrates, which means that you should not be afraid of this. But you need to consider that vitamin C from citrus does not disappear anywhere, and its excess can lead to the appearance of allergic reactions.

In addition, there is a hybrid of mandarin with Tangor orange. In this case, the orange was normal, and in the case of clementine, the orange-king. Although the Tangora is very rare. But often you can see tanzherin, which is very similar to mandarin, but still it is a separate citrus fruit. There is a hybrid of mandarin and wild lemon (pontsirus), which is called tsitrandarin. Another tangerine "mixed" with grapefruit and got 2 different kinds: natsumikan and tanzhelo. But when crossing mandarins and kumquats received an unusual fruit Kalamondin. We also often meet him, but we call it the same mandarin.

I would like to note that all citrus fruits are of great importance for our body, therefore it is necessary to use them. Especially in the winter, when only a fresh apple or pear can be found from the whole variety of domestic fruits. First of all, citrus have a strengthening effect on the immune system and blood vessels. Normal blood pressure, cholesterol, digestion and bowel work are normal. For those who want to lose weight, it is not superfluous to know that mandarins, oranges, their hybrids and varieties remove excess water from the body. And, most importantly for everyone - when overworked these fruits help to restore strength.

These are not so simple, but the usual and favorite citrus are at home. Although, as they are not called, they will remain tasty and useful, and the tangerines will also smell like a New Year.

Have a good mood and well-being with "tangerines" on the table!

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