Room flowers in the apartment: a comparison of varieties and photos

It is difficult to imagine a modern apartment without greenery, indoor flowers, which give the interior a cosiness and freshness. They allow us to feel the unique beauty, to be closer to nature and, relaxing, to relieve nervous tension.

Flowers in the interior of the apartment (the photos are shown below), especially flowering, improve the mood and tune to positive. In order to use them to create an interior, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the environment and the conditions for the successful growth of plants.

general information

In the process of creating an apartment design, it is necessary to remember that a large number of colors can destroy the integrity and harmony of the interior. Enough and several plants for the transformation of the room.

Indoor flowers in the apartment (see photo below) can be arranged in groups or singly. Everything depends on the size of the room and the preferences of the owners. Usually the flowers are placed on the windowsills or between the columns.

When buying flowers, remember their natural features, as some prefer shade and a lot of moisture, while others like sunlight and rare watering. If the appropriate conditions are not observed, the plants may die. Also, flowers need constant patient care.

When arranging plants in the room, you should pay special attention to flowers that like the shadow in the apartment (see photo below) and, conversely, light. Also you need to pay attention to the angle of incidence on the flower of light. When living plants are located in a well-lit wall, they can create a unique pattern of shadows. For example, this arrangement looks elegant and elegant: either plants should repeat the color of furniture or wallpaper, or, conversely, be as contrastive as possible.

Flowers, standing separately, should be visible from either side of the room. Large plants can be installed on the floor, and small ones on a special high stand that is in harmony with the interior.

Cozy feel and look in the premises with a small amount of furniture ficus, philodendrons and other plants of this group. Small, cozy rooms are suitable for small plants, but with large leaves. And especially effectively they look on a quiet pastel background.

What flowers to keep in the apartment?

The most popular indoor flowers for today are cacti, violets, begonias, etc. These are the most suitable plants for creating a cozy and beautiful environment. However, you can also show individuality, but in this case it is better to seek help from experienced designers or study the relevant literature in more detail.

The main thing is to pay attention to the variety of shapes and sizes of floral arrangements. The choice of plants directly depends on the layout and size of the premises.

Flower pots

Flowers in the apartment should be planted in the appropriate pots for them, which also need to be given considerable attention. They are completely different in shape, size, and material (ceramic, plastic, glass, etc.). For a children's room plastic pots are best, for a hall and a drawing room - ceramic.

The most ideal option for flowers is well-burned clay pots. If the latter are not quite attractive, they can be decorated in their own way, or inserted into a different, more attractive, pot.

The Benefits of Flowers

From the most ancient times people know that many plants have a healing ability. Therefore, feeling the connection with nature, a man has long sought to transfer to its home its piece.

Even scientists for today have shown a beneficial effect on humans of many indoor plants, decorating offices, apartments, schools, kindergartens, etc. institutions. Even the energy of the room space in which the living flower is located is changing. It can neutralize radiation, saturate the air with oxygen, absorb harmful substances, protect against depressions and other diseases.

In a word, a wonderful source of energy, giving a charge of vivacity, are indoor flowers in the apartment. Photos and names of some of the most common are presented below.

Geranium (Pelargonium)

Amazingly useful and unpretentious flower. Since ancient times, its leaves have been used to treat the common cold, otitis media, headaches and muscle pains, ulcers on the body. Pelargonium has always been popular: her flowers the court ladies decorated their hats, and the juice of plants used to make healing balms. Both in Russia and in Europe, medieval geraniums were used to protect against black magic and fight against evil forces.

This beautiful unpretentious plant blooms with pink, white and red flowers. It emits simultaneously smells of almonds, mint, lemon, rose, lilac and apples. Geranium is not only the decoration of the house, it refreshes the air, eliminates dampness and germs, and even frightens away flies. The flower is perfect for a bedroom and a kitchen. The only condition, you should not put this plant near the bed.

Geranium has a powerful energy. By the horoscope, such flowers in the apartment contribute to success and strengthen the character.

Violets of the West (Saintpaulia)

Violets are red, pink, purple, blue, etc. Red and pink are best grown in the kitchen. They give a sense of calmness, joy, help get rid of some bad habits, including from overeating.

Blue violets, relieving of apathy, depression and despondency, are useful for creative people. They help in revealing the creativity in a person.

Violet coloring flowers help cleanse the space from the energy of distrust, promote spiritual growth, develop intuition and strengthen character. True, they should not stand in workrooms and children's rooms.

In general, these flowers in the interior of the apartment (see photo above) look good in any room. Extremely unpretentious, but blossoming almost the whole year, gentle senpolia well influence the atmosphere in the house. They have good soft energy, are tuned to a positive mood and contribute to getting rid of insomnia and tension.

As a rule, harmony and love reign in the house where these flowers grow. As noted above, the effect on humans of violets is multifaceted. It depends on the shades of their flowers.


These flowers in the apartment (the photo is presented below) pleases the eye with their amazingly delicate buds, blossoming even in winter. There are they of different colors - from snow-white to lilac and brown-red. This magnificent plant sometimes blossoms so richly that even its leaves can not be seen behind the flowers.

Azalea helps to smooth out conflicts, reduce the level of aggression (even in animals), and relieve fatigue. For this it is worth at least a little sit next to this plant. It removes fatigue from the eyes, and even improves eyesight. Petals can be used to treat barley.

Plants that have dark red flowers repel home ants, moths, beetles and other small pest insects.


These flowers in the apartment perfectly cope with air purification. This was proved by experiments conducted in the US by NASA staff. Fast-growing, unpretentious plant mercilessly and to various harmful bacteria, and to fungi, and also to toxic secretions. The flower is good for the kitchen (it cleans the air of 80% of harmful impurities).

In nature, chlorophytum grows in the grass, on trees and on the ground. In the rooms it is used as an ampel plant, decorating shelves, flower stands and walls. It grows very effectively in beautiful lush bushes, and in the spring a large number of shoots with small flowers, like stars, appear on them.

Other useful flowers

Flowers in the apartment can not be imagined without a decorative myrtle (flower of family happiness), which is not only very beautiful, but also an extremely useful plant for humans.

Good in the interior and rubber fruit ficus with glossy fleshy leaves, not only cleansing the air, but also saturating it with oxygen. This is one of the most common inhabitants of living quarters. Aloe tree (or agave) and indoor ficus are also welcome inhabitants of houses.

In conclusion, briefly about poisonous plants

Buying a flower, many do not know about the harmful properties of some indoor plants, and then suddenly notice the health problems. If children or animals are in the house, you must carefully consider the choice of plants. Some, even very attractive, types of flowers contain poisonous juice or release harmful substances into the air.

Among such florists popular among many florists are the house plants (dienenbachia, oleander, spurge, croton, azalea of Sims (namely, Indian azalea), ivy, adenium, monstera, philodendron, stelliferous dwarf, nightshade and many others . It turns out that they not only please their beauty, but sometimes they are dangerous.

If the house has such flowers, it is necessary to use protective equipment when caring for them and to protect children and animals from contact with them.

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