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Hunting carbine MR-161K: review, description, characteristics. Owner feedback

Today, a lot of hunting weapons are available, differing in design, price and characteristics. The carbine of domestic production under the brand MR-161K is a product that combines innovative materials, structural improvements and productive indicators. It is suitable for beginners as well as for advanced users.

Outward appearance

The exterior of the MR-161K model attracts with its aggressive look, made with an emphasis on the laconic form and the use of modern high-strength plastic. The original design is thought through to the smallest detail. Absence of unnecessary details, equipping of working parts with special elements and reasonable price are factors that most influenced the popularity of the hunting weapons in question.

For example, materials in the area of girth and retention of the gun contribute to the maximum comfortable operation of the carbine, even under adverse weather conditions (snow, rain, frost). An important role for novice users and women is played by the lack of slip of the cheek and shoulder when aiming, which is caused by low impact when making a shot.

Advantages and disadvantages

MR-161K is a hunting carbine, which has a number of undeniable advantages compared to competing models. The pluses include the following:

  • Has compact dimensions, which make it possible to transport weapons as conveniently as possible;
  • A small mass makes it possible to use a carabine for women and adolescents;
  • There is the possibility of adjusting the size of the gun for a specific consumer, which increases the comfort of its use, including improving the accuracy of target damage;
  • It is possible to install additional devices (an optical sight, a flashlight, a night vision device).

It should be noted that the MR-161K has good basic characteristics, providing high accuracy of target damage and convenience in transportation and maintenance.

The minuses of this weapon include the presence of polymer components in the composition. However, this characteristic is purely subjective, since modern materials are tested and calculated for the corresponding risks in the operation of the model.


Due to technical parameters, the self-loading carbine MR-161K is considered one of the most optimal options for shooters of any level. A practical combination of the length of the trunk portion and the excellent damaging effect constitute the aspect of popularity that this weapon uses. Cartridges are suitable for several types, but it is preferable to use a caliber of 5.6 mm.

Below are the main characteristics of the carbine:

  • Manufacturer - Izhevsk Arms Plant;
  • Type - semi-automatic carbine;
  • The length of the whole body is one meter;
  • Width / length of the barrel - 0.57 / 0.25 m;
  • Weight - 2,7 kg;
  • Structure - a cold-smoked barrel with oxide spraying;
  • The main purpose is hunting.

МР-161К: price

If we take into account operational parameters and reliability, the weapon in question has an optimal combination of quality and cost parameters. You can buy a carbine at a price of 20 thousand rubles. Modification, used in the past, will cost 1.5-2 times cheaper. When buying, pay attention to the integrity of the main elements (barrel, trigger, body).

Device and equipment

The design features allow to operate the modifications of the MR-161K both for beginners and for professionals. The simplicity of the design makes it possible to test the gun in training firings and on real hunting. And this convenience is felt both by beginners and professionals.

The main components of the carbine are the body, butt and trunk. The last detail is 50 percent of the length of the entire gun. The barrel is made of metal by forging, equipped with a front sight and the possibility of mounting an optical sight to improve the accuracy of the shooting.

The trigger has a simple circuit and a high smoothness of descent. The rate of fire is provided by the possibility of simultaneous charging of nine cartridges. The standard kit includes a polymer package, a cardboard box with information about the characteristics and the manufacturer. In addition, the scope of supply includes an optical sight, an instruction manual and a passport.


The MP-161K gun, the price of which is one of the most profitable in the domestic market, has an excellent ease of descent and smoothness of the trigger. In a holder at the same time can be placed nine charges, which provides an automatic shooting mode.

After a magazine with cartridges is inserted into the carbine, the target for shooting is selected, and the place of the defeat is pointed using a standard sight and optics. The shot is made by pressing the trigger. Concerning the features of the assembly of the weapon in question, it can be noted that the carbine body is connected to the trigger, butt and forearm by means of a screw fastener. This design allows you to quickly disassemble the gun for cleaning and repair. External elements (die and fly) are also removed after unscrewing the fixing screw.


The MP-161K carbine has excellent characteristics of accuracy and general operation. However, some users make it even more practical. To do this, use improved optics, collimators and night vision devices. With a little effort, you can adapt a special flashlight on the gun, which will allow you to better navigate the terrain in the dark.

MR-161K (hunting rifle): user reviews

As evidenced by the responses of the owners, the weapons in question are in demand due to its compactness and excellent parameters of the technical plan. Carabiner is suitable for use by beginners and professional hunters. According to the owners, it has good accuracy, original design and easy maintenance. An important role is played by the presence of anti-slip linings, smooth trigger release and a small recoil. In addition, users are happy with the affordable price of the gun, compared to similar foreign and domestic products.


The multipurpose small-caliber hunting carbine MP-161K, which uses 22LR, 22WMR and 17HMR cartridges, is suitable for hunting small game, and is also used as a sporting and training weapon. The sample is equipped with a trigger-type trigger mechanism. The presence of the Weaver bar allows you to mount different types of sights.

Maximum convenience in shooting is due to the adjustable length of the butt, individually exposed by the height of the cheek restraint, as well as the ergonomic design and comfort of the gun restraint due to the provision of elastic materials and low weight.

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