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2012 - what animal was met on the eve of the coming year?

On the night of December 31, everyone met the year 2012. Many predictions could be heard from all sorts of fortune tellers and astrologers and it remains only to guess where the truth is, and where the fiction. And yet, 2012 - which animal? Who does he represent, based on the classification of the eastern calendar? According to all the allegations - this is the year of the Black Dragon, an animal though mystical, but generous and emotional.

When the clock struck 12 times, it was 2012. What animal was everyone waiting for in the battle with the chimes? Of course, a good, sensitive and promising change for the better in all areas of life. Yes, for people of principle and active, confidently defending their positions, this year will certainly be happy. And all because the Dragon favors individuals personally and who can safely go to the goal, overcoming all the difficulties in their path.

For all who want to succeed, 2012 will be favorable. What kind of animal do you represent at your birth? Your life will depend on it this year. For example, the serpent born under the sign of the Serpent will easily help in reaching the peaks, and the Horse will give good luck. Monkeys year will safely help to complete all their affairs, and Rooster will help in finding a more prestigious and better paid work.

Nobility of the Dog will be more than appreciated for 2012. Which animal horoscope will be favorable this year? This, of course, the Cat. This sign is just a luxury, not life prophesied this year and, if he does not miss his chance, he will achieve everything.

Tiger Dragon also will not leave in trouble and help out in any situation. Kose will not help, but there will not be any obstacles too.

Astrologers say that 2012 is not easy for everyone. What kind of animal will the Dragon do? The pig can not count on a special favor from the patron of this year, but especially her Dragon will not be disturbed, let her lie in the dust, since she is comfortable there. The bull will have to be nervous, since the Dragon will test it for strength. However, the Bull has enough strength to with honor to get out of the test and get a well-deserved reward.

Judging by the predictions, the children who will be born in 2012 are simply doomed to success. The dragon will give them respect, power and honor. And if parents make appropriate efforts in their upbringing, then they can deservedly be proud of their offspring. This year, you can give birth to children, fate will be favorable to them, and throughout the life of the Dragon will patronize his dragons. And in general, astrologers say that 2012 is a year of success, and those people who will diligently and persistently go to their goals - will necessarily come to this most desired success in all areas of their lives. It remains only to believe in this and zealously start to go to the intended goal.

I wonder what the world will bring to 2012? What country will affect cataclysms, and to whom will the Dragon be most supportive? Let us turn to the predictions of astrologers and clairvoyants. American Anton Brinky, for example, gives the most favorable forecasts for Russia, arguing that she is called to go ahead of the whole planet. This is very encouraging and causes the desire to believe in this prediction. Jane Dixon, also a spokeswoman for the US clairvoyant, is not so happy announcing that 2012 will be the beginning of various natural disasters, which can not but make us sad, although, in her own words, Russia will not affect Russia as much as other countries.

The Frenchwoman Maria Duvall, like the Italian Mavis, unanimously affirm that Russia has a great future, which will begin in 2012. Edgar Cayce generally declares that Russia will become the center of civilization, which can not but please Russians who are inclined to believe in predictions. Of course, it's always nice to believe in good things, and now everyone will wait for the promised leader, who, as predictors say, will lead the country to a qualitatively new level. It remains only to hope that all these positive predictions will end successfully and all the words will come true.

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