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How will the hog uterus help in planning pregnancy?

To what only women do not resort, that the long-awaited pregnancy has come! Mud cure, special restorative massages are also conducted, and alternative medicine and traditional medicine is becoming an assistant. We will not go into details for each of these auxiliary methods. In the end, each person is individual and that which suits one is completely unsuited to another, and even more - will cause rejection and allergy. In addition, with any method of treatment is important and the psychological mood, and not only the manipulations themselves conducted with your body.

Today we will talk more about folk herbal medicine. Namely, whether a bovine uterus is needed in the planning of pregnancy and, if so, how it is applied. And also consider the question of whether women can only benefit from its benefits, or can men's health be corrected with her help?

Yes, the hog uterus when planning pregnancy is often used. It grows in Siberia and Altai in bog forests. Herbalists specially collect it, dry it and use it in folk medicine.

The uterus during pregnancy planning plays an important role, especially for those women who have problems with conception or if ovulation does not occur in time, or maybe does not happen at all. Sometimes in such cases, the boron uterus when planning pregnancy is the last saving straw for a woman, and this is not unfounded. It is proved that it contains special microelements that are similar in their effect to hormones that are administered to a woman to stimulate pregnancy and increase the ability to conceive. And if hormones are considered not the best assistant, they are appointed in those cases when there are problems, then the bovine uterus is harmless for the body of a woman and a man.
How to drink the uterus? Often asked this question on forums and specialized sites.

Basically, it is used in the form of tincture and in the form of a decoction. Of course, there is a difference between them.

The broth is prepared on the water - good, potable, which is itself a healing one. Water from the tap, of course, does not have such properties. Take 50 grams of narrowed leaves, which must be preliminarily severed. And then pour boiling water, but not cool, and a little cooled. The temperature should not be more than 80 degrees. Now our broth should be insisted 3 or 4 hours.

And the second way of use is tincture. It means alcohol, not water. It is better to choose a real medical alcohol, vodka, which is sold in stores does not quite fit. Similarly, pour 50 grams of borout into a glass of alcohol and leave again for a few hours.

Both alcohol and decoction should be taken before meals. Decoction of one tablespoon, and tincture of a few drops. If you feel a heaviness in the stomach, change the regimen and take after eating. But not immediately, but after about 30 minutes. Of course, eating the bovine uterus after eating, you reduce its effect somewhat, but it's better than tolerating stomach discomfort. In rare cases, due to the individual intolerance from eating the hog queen, it is better to refuse. And one more remark. If you take antibiotics or any hormonal drugs, the effectiveness is also reduced.
Well, the last question that interests many. Is Borovoi uterus useful for men?

Yes, it also works beneficially on the male body. The bovine uterus increases male potency, improves sexual relations and counteracts the inflammatory processes of the prostate gland.

That is, as we see, it is useful to everyone. But remember that during pregnancy, when it has already come, it is necessary to consult a doctor about the possible use of certain herbs.

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