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How to wrap pies? Forms and techniques of modeling pies

Without fresh hot pies, most feasts simply can not do without. For this reason, the question of how to wrap pies is very relevant. The appearance of this snack is no less important than the excellent taste. Taking into account the specifics of the filling (meat, mushrooms with onions, fish, potatoes, cabbage or jam), the baking form is allowed different.

Forms of pies: varieties

Slavic cuisine can not be imagined without fresh baked goods. For a long time there are new tips on how to make pies from yeast dough. The main requirement for good baking is at the same time delicious filling, quality dough and the skill of the cook. Patties can be called a unique dish, as they can perform a different function on the table:

- snacks (with a filling of mushrooms, onions or vegetables);

- the main course (with a filling of fish, meat or potatoes);

- dessert (with a filling of cottage cheese or jam).

In order for baking to have a pleasant appearance, a number of certain rules must be observed. In order for the dough to not stick to your hands, you need to lubricate your palms with sunflower oil. In order for the edges of the patties to be well fastened, you can lightly coat them with egg white or water. Before you start frying or baking patties, leave them at room temperature for 15 minutes, covered with a greased plastic film. This will allow the test to become lush and soft. The proportion of that to make a crust over the baking, you should grease the products with yolk from the egg.

How to cook cakes correctly?

To make pies turned out not only tasty, but also attractive, it is important to observe the technique of their preparation. The shape of the product can also depend on what type of filling you prefer. The cooking process begins with kneading the dough. To make pies on yeast, you will need eggs, yeast, milk, sugar, salt, flour and the selected filling. The amount of filler in the finished baking will be determined by the size of the products. When the dough is rolled out, it must be divided into equal parts. If you do not comply with this rule, the pies will not be the same size. The size of the fragments of the test is also important. If you make them too big, they will not look very nice, and there will be uncomfortable them.

The originality of this product depends not only on the huge number of fillers, but also on various available forms. Techniques for modeling pies include several available species - round, square, oval, triangular.

The relationship between the filling and the shape of the products is expressed in the following. If you use fish, meat or vegetables, patties are best done closed. This will keep the filling juicy. Jam, cottage cheese and other similar fillings can be used in open pies.

Patties of round shape

Such baking causes nostalgic memories of childhood. Patties of round shape are usually made with fruit fillings, often with apples. This is due to the possibility of keeping the sodden juice inside the products.

In order to make beautiful round pies, you should roll out small cakes of dough. Their thickness should be no more than 5 mm. In the center, the filler is laid out, and the edges are folded to the middle. Then the edges must be fixed, giving them the shape of a bag. On the baking tray, these pies are laid out with a clamp down to avoid their unfolding in the oven.

In addition, if you intend to bake products, and not to fry, you can make bags with an open top. To do this, the dough is rolled into a thin layer, then with a glass or a cup, even circles are cut out on it. In the center of each circle, approximately one spoon is placed on the top of the filling, and then the edges are turned upward and glued together, with a small hole remaining at the top. Such pies can be made with any filling that does not spread.

Patties of an oval form

The most popular variety of pies from yeast dough is an oval shape. They can be made as with sweet fillers, and with cabbage, liver, onions and eggs and so on. To make such a batch, the dough should be divided into pieces, each of which should be rolled into a roll. These rolls need to be cut into small pieces (about 4 cm), then each of them rolls into a thin oval cake. The filler is placed in the center. After that, one edge of the cake is superimposed on the other, after which it is necessary to glue the dough so that the product resembles a semicircle. On a baking sheet or frying pan, such pies are laid out with a seam down. Such forms of pies can also have their own varieties.

In addition, if you intend to fry the patties in a frying pan, you can fold the edge of the dough into a crescent and bond it well on the edge. You will get a patty, resembling a cheburek in shape.

Patties of triangular shape

Such pastries most often have an open topping. Filler often comes in potatoes, chicken fillets, meat or fish. Triangular patties are made as follows: from the dough you need to roll out a thin (not thicker than 0.5 cm) rectangle. Filler folds in the middle, after which the edges of the dough overlap each other obliquely and are well fixed. The seam can be both tucked up and made in the form of a pigtail.

Patties of the square form

To make the baking of the square form, it is necessary to roll the dough with a rolling pin into a thin layer and then cut into the same rectangular fragments. In the middle, the filling is laid out, after which the dough is formed according to the type of the postal envelope. To do this, you need to dazzle the two edges diagonally at an angle of about 45 degrees. Similarly, attach the remaining 2 edges. In the last place, the center is stuck, and the seams are glued together in the form of dense bundles. These can be done not only pies on yeast, but also products from different types of puff pastry.

How beautiful to wrap products?

Regardless of the shape of the blanks, great importance is attached to the correct bonding of the edges. How to wrap pies beautifully? There are several common ways. When making stitches, it is necessary to make certain efforts to ensure that the fastened edges do not disperse when baking or frying.

The first way is that the filling is laid out on the workpiece from one edge in the form of a sausage. The product is wrapped on the same side to form a rolled tubule. Thus, you will get a nice patty oval shape with neat, even edges. A rectangular product folded in an envelope can also be closed in different ways. You can make a large seam, which will later be folded down and pressed down by the weight of the product, but it is also possible to make it in a beautiful design. There are options with a partially open top of the patty, but in this case, you need to consider that the filling does not fall out when frying or baking.

How to wrap pies with the original seam?

There are several types of baking.

To make a seam with a pigtail, hold the workpiece with your left hand, and with your right hand, use your thumb to twist the edges so that a twisted rope is formed. At the edges of the product, excess ends are formed, which should be nipped.

In order to make a seam with a hedgehog, fasten the edges of the dough so that it forms small triangles. You can also make cuts around the edge at a distance of about one centimeter from each other and collapse each fragment diagonally.

Relief pies

How to make pies from yeast dough in a relief form? This is a slightly more complicated form of baking. Such pies can be a good decoration of the festive table. The filler can be used any - both sweet and salty. The main thing is that the filling does not spread. How to wrap pies of this type? To do this, the dough should be rolled out and cut out pieces of oval shape. In the center of each of them, the sausage needs to be expanded. The lower and upper parts of the dough are turned about a quarter. The corners of the workpiece are fastened criss-crosswise from the side of the wide edge (this is similar to swaddling).

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