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Choosing floor-standing coolers for office

Before buying a water cooler, you should carefully study the available models. So, a large assortment of these devices can be seen in the "Shishkin Les" store ( or in another company that sells similar equipment. But before you buy a dispenser, you need to decide on his model. Now manufacturers offer many types of flooring units. They have different costs, opportunities. Therefore, before ordering a cooler, you should carefully study its characteristics.

What to look for when buying

Firstly, it is necessary to see which operating modes of the unit are provided. Initially, all the dispensers worked only for cooling. Their task was to issue cold water. Now, such models can also be purchased. And they are the most inexpensive. But the companies-manufacturers offer also more perfect units which work and on heating of a liquid. These models are more functional, they heated by boiling water can be used for brewing coffee or tea.

Secondly, modern dispensers can have a built-in mini fridge. Such models are somewhat more expensive, but they are very convenient in offices. In the refrigerator you can store food, lunch, which employees carry with them to work. Depending on the model of the cooler, the volume of its refrigerator can reach 50 - 60 liters.

Thirdly, some coolers can have a built-in cupboard for dishes. It is quite small in size, but it can store disposable glasses and other utensils, which are often used by employees. Of course, a dispenser with a built-in locker is not a basic necessity, but it is convenient. After all, all the accessories necessary for tea drinking will always be at hand. In addition, in the case when customers come to the office, visitors do not need to search in different parts of the room for a glass or a cup to offer tea. Everything you need can be obtained from the cooler in a matter of seconds.

Which unit should I choose? It depends on the capabilities and preferences of the company. More expensive dispensers are also more functional. But even simple cheap units also enjoy stable demand. In addition, they are cheaper than devices that have a cupboard and a mini fridge. But still it is not worthwhile to save too much when purchasing a cooler. At a minimum, the dispenser must have two operating modes - heating and cooling.

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