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How to pump the inner thigh quickly?

The inside of the thigh is one of the most problematic areas of the female figure. In winter, the appearance of the legs does not bother us very much, and you do not think: how to pump the inside of the thigh. But closer to summer, when we begin to understand that soon to put on a swimsuit and go to the beach, there is a panic at the sight of reflection in the mirror. To correct the situation it is possible, if, without waiting for the summer, to start putting in order its legs.

If you do not know how to pump the inside of the thigh, then use the exercises in this article. Do this complex about 4 times a week. But do not try to do it every day, since the muscles after physical exertion must be restored. The recovery period takes on average 48 hours, so the option "every other day" is most suitable for training.

So, we begin to answer the question "how to pump the inside of the thigh?" Lie on your left side, leaning on your forearm, bend your right leg in the knee and place your foot in front of your left foot. With an exhalation, lift your left leg over the floor, and pull it towards you. Breath do not delay, try to strain as much as possible the inner side of the thigh. Hold your foot in the air for about 30 seconds, then inhale it down and relax. Get some rest and do 2 more sets of this exercise. If for you such a physical load is small, then do not rush to roll over on the other side. Let's see how to pump the inside of the thigh with more load. A little more difficult task: when lifting the left leg up, perform a "spring" - a little rocking up and down. The number of mahos depends on your physical fitness. If the first few workouts are difficult for you to perform many springs, then make at least 24, then gradually bring up to 50 approaches. Well, if the number of repetitions you will gradually bring up to 100 - 150 times. Do the exercises on your right foot.

Sit down, inhale the body back, lean on the forearms, lift the knees bent at the knees up. With an inspiration, spread your legs apart, point your socks at yourself. Perform a small, springy movement within 3 minutes. Then complicate the exercise a bit: plant and connect the legs completely. By the time this option will take about another 2 minutes. Now let's talk about how to pump the inside of the thigh, if such a load is small for you. Fully sink to the back, lift your straight legs up. On inhalation, raise your legs, and with an exhalation, reduce them. Continue doing these movements for 4 minutes. Then lower your legs and rest for about 30 seconds.

Sit down, bend your knees and put the feet together, put the palms on the inside of the thighs. With an exhalation, start pressing your palms on your feet and at the same time try to keep your knees together. Due to this counteraction, you will strain the muscles of the hips as much as possible . On inhaling, remove tension from the arms and legs, rest 2 - 4 seconds. Do 10 to 30 sets of this exercise.

Let's consider one more exercise. For him you will need a medium-sized ball. Lie on your back, bend your legs, place the ball between your knees. With an exhalation, press your knees on the ball, trying to squeeze it as much as possible. On the inspiration, relax the muscles. Carry out this alternating voltage for 2 minutes. Then complicate the exercise a little. The ball is placed closer to the center of the inner thighs, the legs are fully straightened, and lift up. Also, when exhaling, squeeze the ball with your feet, hold the tension in the muscles for 3 to 5 seconds, and then relax your legs. Do at least 30 approaches.

We examined several of the most effective exercises. This article will be very useful to those who think how to pump up the inner surface of the thigh. To achieve success in this matter, most importantly, do not give up, be persistent in doing the exercises. However, please note that if you are just starting to train and have not been engaged in training before, then start with a slightly smaller number of approaches, gradually gaining momentum.

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