How to make potholders with your own hands?

The kitchen is not just the place of the hostess's regular stay, but also her "face", the place of gathering the whole family for breakfast, lunch, dinner. If you deal with the repair or rearrangement of furniture, re-planning - it is quite difficult and costly financially, then the decoration of everyday life with the help of spectacular and stylish accessories is available to all needlewomen.

One of the ways to diversify the style of the kitchen is to create original glass holders, packets, potholders.

To make potholders with your own hands, it is enough to draw a pattern on paper or cardboard in the form of a large mitten. This can be done by the example of an existing tack or by wrapping your arm and adding around 2-3 centimeters, which will be needed to sew the edges, compensate for the space after filling with insulating material, or just for stock - maybe your husband will also have to put it on.

You can also create a tack with your own hands in the form of a square. If it is not always convenient for you to put them on your hand, this is an excellent alternative. After creating the pattern, you need to cut four parts on it: two for the outer surface and two for the inner one. They should be folded face-to-face and sewed separately, after which the outer part must be turned and put on the inside. This will look like your pothook for the kitchen, sewn with your own hands . If the fabric is dense and gives sufficient strength and thickness to all work, then the edges can be sewn and decorate the potholders with your own hands the way you want. But if the fabric is thin, you need to put a sintepon, foam or similar filler between the inner and outer layers.

You can not only sew, but also tie potholders, crochets. This way of making gives even greater scope for creativity. It is very convenient to experiment with shapes and ornaments. For example, you can tie potholes in the form of a house, eggs, ladybug, flower. They do not need to be flat - the bulk potholders look spectacular and better isolate your hands.

Potholders can be a perfect addition to the apron, cup holders or a cover on the teapot. It can be funny to decorate and give to mom, friend, teacher. Kids like potholders for the kitchen, made with their own hands in the form of a cat's paw, nesting dolls, butterflies, snowflakes.

Old jeans are a great material for creativity. Even different shades of denim are well combined, as they are perceived in the same style. Stylishly look in the kitchen potholders, apron, garter for curtains, chair covers in the same style or with the same ornament.

Using a pattern and cutting it into pieces, you can create a real patchwork masterpiece. Mixing techniques is welcomed: in the center of the tack, hand-sewn from the flaps, you can place a knitted ornament or decorative element. On the outside of the pothole, you can make embroidery with a ribbon.

You can buy paint to paint the fabric and create with the children. Sew the simplest potholders with your own hands from a monophonic fabric and let the kids decorate them. You can not think of a better gift for your grandmother! If you circle the child's handle on the fabric, cut out and paint, draw eyes, paws and attach it as an application to the base, you will get an original decoration for the kitchen. Several carved silhouettes of the child's palm, superimposed on the base in a fan-shaped manner, will become a beautiful tail of a peacock or grass.

To fix the filler, tack can be quilted. So when you wash it will not get lost in lumps and will be securely fixed.

Do not forget to sew the eyelet into the product, for which it will be hung on the hook and dried after washing. If the work turned out very beautiful and it is a pity to use it for the purpose, you can always leave it for interior decoration.

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