How to make handmade items from coins. Crafts from coins

Today you can buy almost everything you just want. However, now things that are made by themselves are considered more valuable. And not just because it's exclusive, and no one will have it, but also because in such a homemade product a person will accurately invest a part of his soul and positive. And this is a very valuable gift! It is worth noting that after reading this article, each person will be able to conduct a master class "Crafts from coins" among relatives, friends and acquaintances, because there is a lot of information, and it is very interesting.


So, if a person has a lot of coins, which you can not pay in the store, you can use them with benefit. Why not create handmade coins from coins? What could it be? First of all - ornaments. You can make a chic neck necklace, which was worn in the olden times by our ancestors. It is called monisto. How to make a similar product? To do this, you need to take a cord or chain, as well as a lot of coins. It is worth noting that the necklace can be both in one row, and in several. In order to consolidate the coins with each other, it will be necessary to drill small holes in them and pass thin wires. If the necklace is in several rows, you need to fasten the penny at the bottom and at the top, if desired, you can also on the sides. You can also attach to the coin chain by using a wire that will be threaded into the hole in the chain and into the hole in the coin. If the penny will be attached to the cord, then it can simply be put into holes. It is possible to attach a special hook to the necklace for closing, but it can also simply be tied behind the neck to the bow.


What else can be crafts made of coins? Why would a man not make his beloved ring? In her collection of jewelry, it will definitely be the most valuable, since it will be created manually. So, let's get started. First of all, it is necessary to drill a hole in the center in the coin. How to achieve this? To securely fix the money, you can make a hole in the board, into which a penny lies. Next, a small diameter drill (about 10-13 mm), you need to make a hole in the coin is strictly in the center. That the tool has not jumped off, the center can be outlined by a core. After these manipulations should be something like a puck. If so, then everything is in order, and you can go further. Further, this workpiece should be put on a metal rod and processed with a hammer evenly over the entire surface (as if pressing it to the rod). An important point: to inscriptions that were on the coin, preserved, you need to carry out all manipulations with a rubber mallet. Also, it is better to warm up the money a little, so it will be more pliable, and the process will not take much time. However, here it must be said that from the first time such handicrafts from coins may not turn out, for an excellent result it will be necessary to spoil a few cents. So, this is the rough result of the decoration. Now you need to bring the product to a beautiful state. To do this, just need to polish the ring properly. This can be done with a special paste and a soft cloth. It is worth noting that these manipulations can take quite a long time, so it's better to have patience. Another secret: before polishing the metal again needs to be heated and lowered into cold water, so will descale, and polishing will be more successful and faster. That's all, the ring is ready!


If the previous versions were rather complicated in execution, then there are also easier pieces from coins, you can create them yourself quickly enough. Why not make an interesting photo frame? To do this, you need to take a good density cardboard (preferably color) and a photo, and also stock up with different coins. The photo is placed in the very center of the cardboard, now it remains to decorate the frame with a penny. For this they will only need to be "planted" on superglue. It is worth noting that you can decorate the frame in different ways. Someone will seem to be sufficient to paste a few coins at the corners of the cardboard and stop at this. And someone will want to densely paste the paper with coins, leaving no room for clearance. It turns out this is a monetary picture frame.


You can also make a money tree of coins. The handicraft, by the way, is not only beautiful in its result, but it can also have a special meaning, to be a magical magnet for money. To make it, you need to stock up on small things (you can have one or several advantages), and, of course, prepare a tree. How can it be? It can be an ordinary snag from the forest (it can be treated with a cloth or paper), to which will be attached wire branches. Here on them coins are hung, pre-drilled in the center. The tree can be weaved from the beads, more precisely, the base beads braid, make small twigs. It's only on them that you can hang a few coins, because they just can not hold on. And you can go in a simple way, decorating the usual vases suspended on strings or wire with coins.


What other crafts can be made from coins? You can make an interesting statue - a waterfall. To do this, you will need a beautiful cup, an old fork, a saucer and coins. And, of course, superglue. First you need to bend the fork so that she can hold on to her cup, and at the same time she lay down well and stuck to the saucer. The base is ready. Now everything should be decorated with coins. Glue the product from the bottom up, first decorating a dish scattered with a trifle, then, rising on the fork, pasting coins and sticking small items in a cup. That's it, the waterfall is ready!


We go further: what else exist handicrafts from penny coins? Why not make a casket of old trifles? For this, it is possible to glue an old wooden product with coins, but this will be too simple. And you can make a casket completely from kopecks, gluing them one to the other. You need to start with the legs, then make a bottom, overlapping the coins one by one in the way that the scales are located on the fish, then again constructing the walls (you can just create turrets, only in this case the casket will be illuminated). To make a lid, you still need a wooden base - the top from the old casket, which is simply pasted with coins.


Crafts made of coins can be quite simple. Why not make a simple kulonchik. Particularly beautiful will look like a product from an old coin. To do this, you just need to drill a hole in the hole with the required diameter and thread a chain or thread into it. And to make the decoration look more beautiful, you can attach a coin to the base with a thin wire. So a penny will not spin and it will always be nice to lie on your neck.

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