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How to make an avatar for the "VKontakte" group? The three most common ways

We are used to the fact that the avatar is the personification of the user on the social network, his "image", to which we are kind of referring, if we want to write something to someone. Therefore, it is easy to guess how much the image plays, which is set on the profile screen saver.

True, not all people pay so much attention to the picture of their page. Let's just say that all users (if we talk specifically about this issue) can be divided into two groups: those who install their picture on the avatar, and those who do not care about the profile image. They either leave a standard image, or they use some kind of third-party picture.

If we talk about groups, then the situation is different. If your group does not have an attractive, informative photo - most likely, no one will even enter it. Therefore, community administrators often ask: how to make an avatar for the "VKontakte" group? In this article, we will consider several options for creating it, and also consider the features of photos in groups.

What should be the avatar of the group?

So, let's start with a general theory about what your group photo should look like. Based on this information, you will understand how to make an avatar for the VKontakte group so that it appeals to users and attracts new participants.

It's obvious that the photo in the group should be relevant to the content that is placed in the community. This is the basic requirement for a picture: its content should be related to what you are writing about. The second requirement is the attractiveness of the image. Since everything that a visitor sees about your group is a name and a picture, then, accordingly, the latter should be as attractive as possible, so that the user would like to click and go to the page of the community itself. When you want to make an avatar for the VKontakte group, please consider this. The last requirement for a group photo should be called informative. Roughly speaking: on the avatar it would be advisable to depict what hinted to the user what the group does. You can do this, for example, with the help of inscriptions.

Looking for a finished image

In the list of ways to create a group photo, the search for the finished image is the most popular and simple at the same time. All that is required of you is to go to the site with images and find the category of pictures related to the theme of your group. The most successful photo can be saved and edited (or even simply posted to the community page without any changes).

Make an avatar using online editors

The second option is editing finished images (or creating new ones) using online editors. Fortunately, now there are many services that allow you to develop your avatar from scratch as well as using one of the ready-made templates. You just need to decide what you would like to see in the image for ava, and then how to make an avatar for the VKontakte group without "Photoshop", you can even not worry - the resource will do everything automatically. There are many ready-made solutions on the Web today. They are free and multifunctional. The only disadvantage of working with such sites is the watermark - the address of the resource, which made you an avatar located somewhere in the bottom corner.

Make an avatar in Photoshop

If you do not know how to make an avatar for the VKontakte group without a link to someone else's site, you will need to use the most popular image editing program. This is Photoshop". Working with it is quite simple, the main thing is to understand the basics, to understand the elementary concepts and categories with which the program operates. If you already have at least a minimal experience of interacting with it - creating an avatar for you will be easy. If you do not know at all how to make an avatar for the VKontakte group in Photoshop, you will have two options. The first is to seek help from a person who can work in the program, the second is to study the editor's features independently: find lessons, examples of work, practice yourself.

Create an avatar

Finally, after we answered the question "How to make an avatar for the VKontakte group?", It's time to think about what will be depicted in the photo in the group. As already noted, this should be something thematic, attractive and informative. We suggest you take a sheet of paper and a pen and sketch out the logo of your community. After that you can start creating an image.

You can do this by one of the above methods. If you do not know which avatar is better, you can resort to a simple but effective method of determining: voting in the group itself. Let people decide which photo is better.

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