How to make a tank of cardboard: ways, tips, recommendations

Have you decided with your son to make a small model of your favorite combat vehicle or do you want to run a more realistic model? Then you need to know how to make a tank of cardboard or other suitable material.

A child's play or an adult hobby?

Oh, these little boys! It so happened that from the earliest childhood they are surrounded by all sorts of soldiers, cars, tanks, railroads, etc. And some of them do not want to part with this fascinating world, although not real, but technology. Being still very kids, they try to copy favorite models of cars from toy boxes, cardboard, paper. And later, when they grow up, this children's passion for many of them becomes an interesting and unusual hobby. Often the young popes inherit it to their children. So there are whole collections of mock-ups of different brands of military equipment, racing cars and other exhibits created from improvised means. And if your kid tries to make something himself, screwing, for example, an empty can (supposedly a wheel) to a box of shoes, can, all the same, help him, and not scold him because of the eternal disorder in the nursery? Let the first topic of your joint activities will be an article - a tank of cardboard.

Materials for creativity

If we are talking about the manufacture, although not real, but still armored vehicles, you need to choose a thick cardboard, or even better - large boxes of shoes, products, etc., having a multi-layered texture. In addition to the usual scissors with long blades, the knife with the point in the form of a sawtooth nail file will not interfere, which will greatly accelerate the process of preparation and cutting of details. Of course, only an adult should use such items. When making crafts during independent creative activities, give your child only small scissors with blunt ends, colored pencils, paints and glue. Having mastered the simple technique of joining parts, you can offer him a new method of connection - using a flexible wire. And so, by gradual improvement, you can gradually move to the manufacture of more complex models with the addition of other improvised materials - unnecessary hoses, covers, plastic bottles, etc.

Basic assembly order

Let's get acquainted with how to make a tank of cardboard or heavy paper. The basic order of assembly, no doubt, every master can have his own. In addition, the technology of manufacturing certain machines in general will not be understandable to the common man in the street. But here it is described how to make a tank of cardboard, for the beginner, who is just beginning to make his first steps in the science of "paperwork". It will be very good if there is a pattern found on the Internet. The procedure is as follows:

  1. From two large sheets of cardboard, fold the body part. In the middle, make a hole for the tower.
  2. A few long or triangular strips imitating the armor, decorate the body.
  3. Cut out the wheels that are colored with felt-tip pens.
  4. On top of them, fix the rim of the paper strip.
  5. The tower can be just rectangular, and can have a more complex construction. Make it according to your desire and ability. Fasten the tower over the tank.
  6. Fold the paper into the tube and glue. The resulting muzzle is attached to the front of the tower.

How to make a tank of cardboard neatly and quickly

The assembly of a simple model of technology is completed. Comprehending the basics of this applied art, you need to follow the following rules and recommendations in further work:

  • Glue is better to take transparent, so that the material does not have any contaminants.
  • Cutting out the layout, do not immediately rush to get to the desired size. Carry out work better gradually, in several stages, so that there are no defective parts due to lack of material.
  • For used cans, it is necessary immediately after opening to bend the jagged edge inward to avoid cutting.
  • When heated, plastic bottles can change shape. This interesting property will help to find application to this material.
  • Use proven in practice drawings. This will significantly save time in the manufacture of subsequent crafts. Therefore, the most responsible for the construction of schemes.

Different models of carton tanks

Learning to make the simplest models, you can try and more complex design. Having made a tank of cardboard as the first craft, the boy will proceed to the next. It can be not only other brands of armored vehicles, cars, jeeps and vans, but also helicopters, airplanes. Who knows, maybe the child will become in the future a design engineer for these ships or spaceships. And it all started with a simple tank, which in appearance was more like an ordinary box, not a model of armored vehicles. Therefore, it is necessary to inculcate from childhood the ability to think figuratively and the desire to translate their dreams into reality!

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