How to make a bouquet of chocolates with your own hands. Master class for beginners

At present, giving flowers to women has become not something that is not fashionable, but rather, non-creative. More and more young people who want to surprise the lady of the heart are presented with roses instead of roses, and a chic bouquet gathered from different kinds of sweets. Such a bouquet will be an excellent gift not only to the chosen one, but also to the boss, friend or grandmother. We will tell you how to quickly and easily create a bouquet of chocolates with your own hands. The master class will help create a real masterpiece without the slightest difficulty. What do you need?

Bouquet of chocolates with own hands. Master Class

Creating a real piece of chocolate and seductively delicious art that can impress the most experienced connoisseur of beauty, one should remember the main points. The bouquet should be kept in one style. If you plan to make a really beautiful gift, then try to observe the measure. Do not make out the finished composition in a multi-layered package, trimmed with rhinestones, beads, ribbons and bows. In order for it to make a real sensation, you should choose a good quality chocolate, and it should be in individual packaging.

What form of bouquet to choose

To make a bouquet of chocolates with your own hands, a master class for creating We offer, you need: a box of good sweets in individual packaging, wrapping paper or mesh, long skewers or sticks, green leaves of living plants, a bouquet base or a floral sponge. Based on what composition you want to create, the choice of fresh flowers depends. In order to create an unusual bouquet of chocolates with your own hands, roses, chamomiles, gerberas, chrysanthemums will do the best. You can choose any flowers with wide centers or buds. The main thing is that the leaves do not fall off after a second touch to the flower. The most preferred is the classical round shape. Remember how luxurious bouquets are made of small roses? This will be the ideal form. In this case, the candies will be located close to each other, so do not need a lot of greenery for decoration, and the one to whom the masterpiece is designed will receive a luxurious analog of a flower bouquet as a gift.

What kind of candy should I choose

The ideal solution will be chocolate sweets, packed in foil. Thus, the middle of our flower will not only taste good, but also beautiful. Perfectly suitable for Ferero or "Korcunov", you can also use Lindor or any of your choice. However, if you plan to give such a bouquet to an extravagant and extraordinary person, then you can not just be limited to chocolate. For example, for a girl it will be quite appropriate to collect a bouquet of colorful lollipops or chupa-chups. The original looks long, packed in transparent cellophane, jam. In this case, it is better to arrange such a composition in a cellophane wrapper on which some joyful motifs are drawn on the edge. Add green leaves at will. Due to the riot of colors, the bouquet looks bright and effective and without green leaves. Decoration, candy, packaging - it all depends only on your preferences and imagination.

Bouquet of sweets. Master class - a miracle made by myself

To create such a composition, it is necessary to first determine what will be fastened to the candy. If it is flowers with wide hearts, then each candy is pinned on the skewer, and then fixed on the flower. Try to make sure that the skewer enters the stem evenly, then the chances that the composition will last a long time will be much greater. If the bouquet does not plan for the presence of fresh flowers, then a long sword or a stick for a shish kebab, pre-painted in green, is put on a candy. The other end of the skewer is attached to a floristic sponge or any other suitable material. Having thus consolidated all the skewers prepared with sweets in advance, add a few twigs of natural greens, which helps hide the stems of our sweets. The final stage we make out our bouquet either in a basket or in a grid. Securing, decorate with several ribbons or an artificial butterfly. That's it. We have a bouquet of chocolates with our own hands. The master class was very simple, right?

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