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How to do massage with a pinch of the sciatic nerve?

To date, most of the population is prone to various diseases of the spine. One of the most common ailments is sciatica - pinching or inflammation of the sciatic nerve. To stop painful sensations and improve the condition of the patient as a whole will help a special massage. When pinching the sciatic nerve (sciatica), it is required to observe a certain technique available to highly skilled masseurs. In the article we will consider the causes and symptoms of a pathological phenomenon, as well as a variety of massage procedures that will bring relief.

Causes of ailment

Pain in the lumbar and sacral spine, giving up in the leg, is often a sign of infringement of the sciatic nerve, which consists of several nerves and is therefore the longest. Nerves pass from the waist along both legs and to the fingertips.

Most often, the main cause of inflammation is the presence of the patient's intervertebral hernia. This pathology is characterized by rupture of intervertebral discs with protrusion of the contents beyond the spine and jamming of the nerve roots. The disease usually occurs against the background of osteochondrosis - a disease associated with the wrong and inactive way of life of modern people.

Pincering can occur when lifting weights, constant physical exertion, hypothermia and low back injuries. Often because of this condition, pregnant women suffer.


Neuralgia of the sciatic nerve has a characteristic picture of the course of the pathological process. Patients note that usually there are strong stitching and burning pains. Such feelings arise and disappear suddenly. The attack can develop after physical or emotional overexertion. Even the slightest hypothermia will accelerate the development of inflammation. The first symptom to pay attention to is numbness and tingling of the leg in the area where the nerve passes.

During the attack the patient takes a certain position of the body, which allows to ease the pain somewhat. Every movement in this state is given with special difficulty. Severe pain can lead to unconsciousness.

Is it possible to massage with a pinch of the sciatic nerve? Manual technique really helps to cope with the syndrome, but it should only be done by a graduate. Before assigning such a treatment to a patient, the doctor must conduct a diagnosis and assign a series of studies: laboratory tests, X-rays, MRI or CT of the lumbar spine.


Elimination of sciatica is a long process. To alleviate the symptoms, doctors prescribe, first of all, powerful painkillers that can eliminate inflammation (from the NVS group): Ibuprofen, Ketanov, Denebol, Diclofenac. Relaxation of muscles is promoted by drugs based on vitamin complexes. With very severe pain, Novocain blockades are shown. They are made exclusively in a hospital.

After weakening the pain, massage is recommended. When pinching the sciatic nerve, this will improve blood flow in the focus of inflammation, eliminate muscle spasm. Manipulation should be conducted only by an experienced specialist. Neglect of this rule usually leads to the development of severe complications.

If the inflammatory process has arisen against the background of spinal injuries or in the presence of herniated intervertebral discs, surgical intervention may be recommended. The purpose of the operation in this case is to eliminate the causes that led to the development of pathology.

Therapeutic massage with pinch of the sciatic nerve

Sciatica significantly reduces physical activity and negatively affects the quality of life in general. To restore normal mobility and eliminate pain syndrome, you need to correctly approach the problem. Manual therapy is contraindicated in the period of exacerbation of the disease. This can lead to poor health. Therefore, to carry out a massage with a pinch of the sciatic nerve can be after the onset of remission and the course of drug therapy.

The course of therapeutic massage - 12-15 sessions. After the application of massage procedures, the following changes in the patient's condition are observed:

  • Pass the symptoms of spasm;
  • There is relief due to increased circulation in the area of pinching;
  • Painful sensations are stopped;
  • Normal nerve activity is restored.

At observance of all features of carrying out of massage technics there is a long remission.

Types of massage

With neuralgia of the sciatic nerve, several types of massage can be used. According to reviews, the most pronounced therapeutic effect is acupressure. He somewhat resembles the procedure for acupuncture, but instead of needles the specialist uses his own elbows. Thus it is possible to influence the points responsible for certain organs. Acupressure (acupuncture) massage with pinch of the sciatic nerve allows to activate mechanisms of muscle and spine tissue repair, improve metabolic processes.

Cope with the stagnation of blood and lymph (and therefore eliminate the pain) helps vacuum massage. To do this, you need to have special banks that will be installed along the spine. The skin in this area is lubricated with massage oil or baby cream. A small stick is introduced into the jar, at one end of which a cotton wool is wound and ignited. After burning oxygen, the jar is placed on the back.

The main localization of cans - near the focus of pain. By time, the manipulations are carried out for 20 minutes. Significant relief the patient will feel after the first procedure. To fix the result, it is necessary to do a can of massage for 5-7 days.

The right technique: how to do a massage?

When pinching the sciatic nerve, massage manipulations are carried out according to a certain pattern. For the beginning the patient should take a position lying (on a stomach) on a special couch. The body should be completely relaxed, the arms are evenly stretched along the trunk. After that, the specialist starts stroking his leg from the buttock to the heel, achieving relaxation of muscles and lifting the tone. You can also use massage oil for this.

It should be borne in mind that spasm-affected muscles are not recommended for manipulation. Attention should be given to the surrounding area. Stroking should be soft and smooth. Sharp movements will bring only increased pain.

Features of massage with sciatica

It is necessary to thoroughly massage your feet. When pinching the sciatic nerve, the massage moves from the most painful point, passing to the sacrum and gluteus muscle. Then descend along the leg and end with the heel area. If the movements are painful, massage should be stopped immediately.

Patient Reviews

Usually the pain recedes after the first sessions. Some patients practice massage (with pinching the sciatic nerve) at home. It also uses warming ointments to grind your own preparation. However, doctors warn that such methods can aggravate the condition due to contraindications.

To remove spasm and establish metabolic processes in sciatica will help therapeutic exercise. Like massage, it is performed only in the period of remission. In the first days it is allowed to do exercises in the supine position without using weights. Equally effective are exercises from yoga for stretching the muscles.

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