How to cover the roof of a house and a garage

When building any building, the developer must face the question "how to cover the roof". Although any structural element of the structure is designed to perform its functions, nevertheless, the roof is one of the most important components. This is not surprising, because it is the main wind load. It must withstand the effects of autumn rains, winter frosts and snow, as well as direct rays of the summer sun. Obviously, everyone wants to know the wisest answer to the question "how to cover the roof of the house".

It's enough just to look into the roofing materials department of a large building supermarket to understand: the modern assortment is huge. Times when you had to make a choice between a slate with a different wave pitch long ago remained in the past. Ondulin, soft and rigid tiles, slate, metal coatings - that's far from a complete list of modern proposals. How to cover the roof? In fact, the only correct answer is not there, as in everything. Because such a question is always solved in a comprehensive way: financial opportunities; Desired style and design; Duration of service; Features of operation, etc. Whichever material is selected, it is important to firmly remember one important rule: quality is always associated with value. Very low probability to buy cheaply the roofing material, which will serve for decades. There are not many manufacturers that have created a name for themselves with quality products. If you want to do a good job and do not think later than to cover the roof repeatedly, then the roofing material should be selected from the proposals of famous manufacturers. As a rule, such companies have long been on the market, the names of their brands are known to consultants in stores and specialists on the Internet.

If you want to combine a small load on the foundation with ease of installation, then you can look at the flexible tile, otherwise called bituminous. This is a fairly modern solution with a warranty service life of about 30 years (real time is different in the big direction). The only drawback is the need to mount a solid foundation and follow the rules of laying.

Known to all, slate still does not give up its position, because this is the only material with a lifetime of which is familiar to everyone. Correctly laid slate roof reliably performs its functions for more than 60 years. At the moment, the industry offers colored slate sheets: painted with a special paint and with pigments included in the structure. You can safely forget about the gray plain sheets.

With the difficulty of deciding what to cover the roof, but with sufficient financial capacity, as an alternative, you can consider the roof of metal. This guarantees reliability, complete absence (even theoretical) leaks, high resistance to aggressive environmental conditions, a representative appearance. With proper skill and preparation, the styling can be performed independently. Compliance with the installation rules that take into account the heat and sound insulation, as well as air ventilation clearances allows you to choose a metal roof, even for the roof of the attic floor.

It would seem that the simple question - "how to cover the roof of the garage", often puts the beginner at a dead end. Garage refers to less responsible buildings than a residential building, so in most cases, the device of its roof can be saved. Currently, the most popular material for the roof of the garage is the corrugated board (both zinc-plated and polymer coated). Its installation is one of the simplest, therefore it is often performed on its own. It should be remembered that compliance with deviations is a guarantee of no leakage.

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