How to connect to the Internet? We choose the most optimal method

Millions of people from all over the world nowadays have the opportunity to communicate freely with a network called the Internet. This virtual space has no state borders, racial, national, age or any other differences for its "citizens". This is why users are becoming more and more every day. From this article you will learn how to connect to the Internet as soon as possible.

There are many ways to connect to the worldwide network. Some of them are not used today because of their impracticality and inability to compete with other options, and some are still not in demand in a number of countries (including the post-Soviet space) because of the lack of proper equipment. Let's take a look at the most common options, thanks to which the computer is connected to the Internet (or was done in the past).

Modem connection

This method can be conditionally divided into two categories - Dial-Up and ADSL. The first option is a connection using a modem and a telephone line, in which the latter will be busy all the time while the user is on the network. Such a method in our time is practically not used because of low speed and forced out by its competitors. ADSL can be called a direct descendant of Dial-Up. This technology also allows you to connect to the Internet using analog telephone lines, but without loading the line itself and allowing you to work on the network at speeds up to 8 Mbps. By the disadvantages of this method of connection can be attributed only to a relatively high cost.

GPRS connection

This option of how to connect to the Internet in a matter of seconds, is familiar to many cellular users. It is the use of an ordinary mobile phone as a modem. Connection to the Internet in this case is carried out using the cellular network operator. The main disadvantages of this connection are: slow speed and quite high cost of traffic.

Radio access

How to connect to the Internet in this way, not everyone knows. To make this connection, you will need to purchase expensive equipment and install a special antenna and radio modem. Radio access has not received wide distribution in our latitudes because of its high cost and relatively low data transfer rates.

Satellite connection

This version of the Internet connection is divided into one-way (asynchronous) and two-way. The second satellite connection is practically not used in world practice because of the huge cost of equipment, and one-way does not stand competition due to a number of technical features making this connection extremely unprofitable - data from the network is received by the user through a satellite dish and outgoing traffic must be through A separate channel (for example, GPRS).

Connection over a dedicated line

One of the most common options for how to connect the Internet at home. In this way, the provider providing network access services connects the user's computer with a cable (this can be both fiber and twisted pair). If you still do not know how to connect to the Internet, take a closer look at this option - at relatively low prices, a connection for "vydelenke" will allow you to get a pretty good connection speed.


Wireless version of the Internet connection, which has now become widespread in various public places. It is an excellent solution for the home, as several devices can be connected to such a network.

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