How to celebrate 35 years of marriage?

Remind the couple about the happy wedding day will be the many anniversaries of their life together. Each of them has its own symbol. Starting from him, you can understand how to celebrate what to give and put on the table during the celebration. So, 35 years of the wedding is called "coral" is not accidental. This is due to the fact that unique corals are created for years from the skeletons of small polyps. Often they become so large that they turn into real reefs, islands. So the marriage is strengthened by the experienced problems, events and inexhaustible feelings. Every day there are more and more of them. Therefore, a joint life unites the spouses and makes them stronger. By the way, the coral is as strong as the inseparable connection between husband and wife.

A celebration in honor of the anniversary of 35 years of marriage can be done anywhere. That's the will of the couple. They can gather their friends, relatives and friends at home at a common table. However, it is best to go on this day to the bosom of nature. Of course, if the weather pleases your favor. Otherwise, you can organize a celebration somewhere in a cafe or a quiet and cozy restaurant.

The wedding anniversary of 35 years is a beautiful date. You should not avoid celebrating it. On the contrary, it is necessary to fill it with true "coral" traditions and rituals that have developed for a long time.

First, color is very important. The coral has all the shades of red. Therefore, he must be present in everything: in clothes, on a table, in drinks, ornaments. Secondly, before a direct celebration, it is necessary to hold at least one of the rituals for a coral wedding. For their implementation, you can, of course, go to the sea, where the very corals live. But not always enough for this opportunity. Therefore it is enough to just stand up to the spouses before dawn, get out of the house, holding hands, and go to any water body. As soon as the first rays of the sun begin to wake up, a red scarf or handkerchief should be presented to the water. This is a kind of symbol that the husband and wife ask for special support and blessings from one of the elements for the rest of the long and long life together.

Finally, the very celebration of 35 years of marriage begins. It is very important that this holiday can be shared at one table by all those who are very close to the couple. And it does not matter how many people will be invited to the celebration.

Cover on the table follows a special tradition. There should be present and red fish, and salads, which necessarily meet the ingredients of red, and meat, too, such shades. From drinks, red wine of great aging will suit. It is an indispensable symbol of a happy and strong family.

For 35 years of wedding there is a special tradition associated with a wedding cake. This time it should be replaced by a sweet pie. It is obligatory that his husband bakes with his wife at night before their anniversary of living together. The main decoration of the culinary masterpiece should be pieces of red fruits or berries. And from the top you can even pour a cake with cherry or strawberry syrup. After all, everything should be in red.

For the invited, and for the spouses themselves, the question arises: what to give for 35 years of the wedding. The answer is very simple. A husband can support traditions and buy a favorite bouquet of beautiful scarlet roses - a symbol of passion, love and inimitability. The wife, in turn, can please her red-tie or red linen shirt with red tie.

Guests often try to present original gifts. It is better if they are made by themselves. This is a plush slideshow of many photographs of the couple, and even a newspaper that can be hung on the wall. Although, you can present beautiful ornaments from corals. As the wedding anniversary carries one more name - "linen", the choice with gifts becomes much wider. They are towels, bed linens, napkins, all kinds of tablecloths and even bedspreads.

However, the most important is not a gift, but a memory of this celebration, which will be preserved thanks to a good mood, pleasant communication and native people sitting next to each other.

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