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How to brew jam from pears

Jam is one of the most favorite treats for sweet tooth. This product is especially appreciated if it is cooked at home. Experienced housewives know how to cook jam from pears to make it not only delicious and fragrant, but also very beautiful. Let's talk a little about the recipes for this delicacy.

Jam from a pear cook in several ways. Here is the easiest way, which will not take a long time to prepare, but as a result you will get an excellent delicacy, which will please not only you but your guests on a winter evening. It will take about one kilogram of pears. It is better to take small, firm fruits, which will not be strongly boiled during the preparation. Pears need to be washed and cut into halves. Then remove the core and cut each half into slices. We put them in a container, designed for cooking jam. Add to the sliced fruit half a kilogram of sugar. We close the container with pears and leave them for a few hours or until the morning.

The next day we put a container with jam on a plate and cook, stirring constantly, so that it does not burn out. When the jam starts to boil, add a little lemon zest, vanillin and cloves. We take these ingredients in arbitrary proportions. The lemon zest is added for the acid. Carnation, if desired, can not be used. After that, cook the jam from the pears for one hour. Transparent pieces of fruit indicate the readiness of the treat. Then you need to pour the product into pre-cooked jars and close them with covers. Keep the jam from the pears in a cool place.

There is another technology for making jam. It is more laborious, but the result is a transparent mass with beautiful pieces of fruit. To make this delicacy you need to take strong pears. If they are small, you can use them whole. Otherwise, cut the pears into slices, removing the core. First, cook them in acidified water (use citric acid) for about 10-12 minutes and immediately cool in cold water. Then you need to prepare the syrup. To do this, take 4.5 kilograms of sugar and three glasses of water. Fill the cooled fruit with syrup and let it brew for three hours. After that, put the jam on the fire and cook for 5 minutes. Then leave the product aside and let it brew for 10 hours. We repeat this procedure three times.

When the pears become transparent, the jam is ready. This amount of syrup is calculated for one kilogram of fruit. At the end of the preparation, add vanillin and citric acid if desired. We pour the jam on the jars and put them in a cool place when they cool down. Jam from pears turns out transparent, tasty and fragrant.

For the next recipe, you need a kilogram of fruit and one and a half kilograms of sugar. Fruits are washed and cut into slices, removing the core. Then put them in a pan and add water, so that it barely covers the fruit. Cook them until soft. Pour sugar into the jam cooking container and pour in two glasses of water. Cooking the syrup. When it boils, we spread pears into it and cook them until ready. Jam is ready.

These recipes are designed for lovers of fragrant delicacies with pieces of fruit. But you can cook jam from pears. Here is the simplest recipe. Take these fruits and clean them from the peel. Then remove the core and cut into slices. We pass pears through a meat grinder and spread the resulting mashed potatoes into a saucepan. Cook for a while to evaporate excess moisture. Then pour sugar into the container. For two kilograms of pear puree is about 400-500 grams of granulated sugar. Cook the jam until ready. Then we pour it into jars and close them with lids. We keep a treat in a cool place.

Using these tips, you can prepare a beautiful and very tasty jam from pears.

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