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How to book and buy air tickets online

Stand in long queues and communicate with the cashier through the embrasure window no one will have to taste. If earlier there was no alternative, and our parents had to storm representative offices of companies or go to the airport, now you can draw up all the necessary documents and pay for the flight without leaving your house - book flights through the Internet. To do this, you do not need to have any special knowledge or skills, or to undergo special training, you only need to be able to use a computer and, having carefully read this material, take advantage of the advice provided in it.

Select an airline or agency

There are several approaches to how to book flights over the Internet. The first of them is to use the services of a special agency. It is, of course, about the websites of these organizations, which work directly with several airlines. Through the agency you can quickly find the right flight, as there is no need to find out which carrier serves the direction of interest. It is worth to go to the websites of intermediary firms before buying air tickets over the Internet, because:

  • Sometimes they provide seasonal discounts or accumulative bonuses;
  • They have more payment options;
  • You can compare the prices of different airlines.

However, in addition to the merits, the agencies have their shortcomings. They get money for their work in the form of a percentage of the price of purchased tickets. Sometimes airlines place a share of intermediaries in the price of the flight, then it does not matter where to book flights. But as a rule, the cost of the agency's services increases the costs of the buyer, then it's more profitable to contact the airline's services directly.

Both of these approaches can be combined with each other. For example, find the desired flight through the agency's website, and then go to an Internet resource owned by the airline, to complete the transaction.

Search for the desired flight

Usually this process for those who are confronted with the question "How to buy air tickets via the Internet?", Does not cause special difficulties. Select the starting and ending points of the trip, the desired date and the number of seats with the age of the passengers in the appropriate form field. If you plan a trip to one end, then mark the corresponding item on the site. On some resources, you can activate the function "floating dates", then in the absence of tickets for the selected day you can see the neighboring numbers. By pressing the search key, go to the choice of the flight and the category of tickets.

Airline categories or classes

People who have not yet accumulated experience of such operations and do not know how to buy air tickets over the Internet will probably be surprised by tickets that are so different in price for the same flight. The cost of the flight can be two times or more. Business in the class of selected air tickets. Different airlines have different categories of tickets, but the division into "business" and "economy" is almost all. Small classes are found much more - up to 10 or more varieties. They tend to differ slightly. The buyer of the "business" or "first class" ticket can use a special check-in counter, a high-end waiting room with an expanded list of services provided, and large, comfortable armchairs at the head of the aircraft. Different types of eco-tickets differ in the ability to change the parameters of the reservation, the commission for refusal to fly and the restrictions on the baggage carried. There are also situations when two tickets belonging to different classes do not differ from each other with anything other than price.

The fact is that airlines often set a low ticket price, seeking to attract customers to their site, but limit the number of discount places to make the transportation cost-effective. Thus, when cheap places end, the buyer is forced to prefer the more expensive ones to be able to fly off on the appointed day.

Separately it is worth noting the class of so-called "shuttle" traffic. In this category, the cheapest air tickets are sold, the purchase through the Internet here, as a rule, is impossible. Payment for the flight in this category is made already at the time of check-in.


Having decided with the required category, you can proceed to the direct registration of the ticket. If it is an international message, you should prepare a passport before you even buy air tickets online. Otherwise, it will be sufficient to have a Russian document. The name and the name of the passenger, as well as the passport data, are entered in the required form fields. After this, there is a payment procedure, which we will discuss in more detail below. The result of the whole event will be getting a ticket to e-mail. You do not need to go anywhere to pick up a printed copy. The fact is that now most airlines use an electronic ticket. Having received the document, it can be printed out or simply rewritten the reservation code indicated in it. With these data, you can go to the airport at the indicated date.

Secure payment online

Before you start booking, you need to transfer to the card the amount that is supposed to be spent on air tickets. Purchase through the Internet in most cases involves the use of international payment systems. The most convenient are plastic cards such as MasterCard Standard or Visa Classic, they have a three-digit code on the reverse side, which you will need to use when making a deal. Some banks require a two-step authorization to confirm the purchase. In this case, you will need to enter the code in the form field that will come to the mobile phone number, or the password specified on the printout from the bank.

Do not forget to clarify the amount of money being debited before you book air tickets online.

The security of the operation depends mainly on the buyer. Fulfillment of all warnings warned by financial organizations, issuing cards to the user, will insure against unlawful write-offs. Also, before proceeding to the payment procedure, it is worth making sure that the computer has a modern anti-virus system with a regularly updated signature database.

Changing the flight parameters

Before ordering airline tickets over the Internet, it is worth making sure that the selected dates are really suitable, and the number of passengers will not change. Otherwise, you have to change the reservation parameters or return tickets. The coupons of some categories can not be returned, alas. In other cases, part of the amount will be compensated, but the full cost of the ticket can not be repaid.


Many carriers recently provide such a convenient service as online check-in for a flight. In this case, 24 hours before boarding, you can go to the site and, indicating the booking code, choose a place on the plane from among the free ones, and also indicate your dietary preferences.

As a rule, there is a choice between classic food and vegetarian, lean or fruit. Read the food assortment offered by the carrier company before buying air tickets over the Internet. Reviews will help to understand how tasty feeds this or that airline.


I hope that after reading this review, the reader has a common understanding of how to buy air tickets over the Internet. There are, of course, a lot of nuances that make flying more convenient and cheaper. This is the program of gift miles, and shares held by airlines. However, to get acquainted with such opportunities closer, you need to dive into Internet commerce a bit deeper. The same information is enough to make your flight or to answer to friends and acquaintances the question "How to book flights via the Internet?"

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