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What to bring from Prague? Walking, resting and shopping

If you want to get into a fairy tale, then you will not find a better city than Prague. Here each corner is a landmark and a masterpiece of architecture. Despite its belonging to the former socialist states, Prague is a real European city. Therefore, we advise you to know in more detail what to bring from Prague, which is not in the souvenir shops of neighboring countries, that is, about what goods are produced in this city and are rarely found elsewhere. Experienced tourists warn that you are waiting for daily fatigue from long walks, delicious cuisine and kilograms, as well as a whole suitcase of shopping!

What to bring from Prague

This city is not only beautiful, but also able to devastate your purse. A lot of souvenir shops and shops are full of folk crafts. An unpardonable mistake will not be to buy, when in Prague, Czech crystal and a 30 ° mint liquor "Zelena." Also, you will not find anywhere such a variety of absinthe and famous Czech watches. The center of the shops is located near the Charles Bridge and on the Wenceslas or Old Town squares. If you are interested not only in souvenirs, but also in European shopping, then walk along Na Prikopě street. Here you will find restaurants with stunningly delicious food and boutiques with European clothing.

Prague Attractions

Experienced tourists know that bringing from Prague can not only souvenirs, but unforgettable impressions! The city is divided into fifteen districts, but the most interesting are three of them: the Central part, Prague - 1 and Prague - 2.

Prepare to walk a lot and even get lost. In Prague, you lose the feeling of space and time - so it captures with its castles, streets and architectural delights.

Holidays in Prague

You can get to Prague by plane, train or bus, depending on whether you take a ticket at a travel agency or drive yourself. Try to carefully study the proposals for accommodation and do not be surprised that the number of stars in the hotel does not quite match the level of accommodation in it - this is the peculiarity of Prague. Food in the hotels also does not always shine, so we'll tell you one secret: you can eat great in restaurants and cafes, besides they have one feature - the farther from the center of Prague, the prices are cheaper.

Excursions in Prague

In the city there are several historical areas, get ready for the fact that you have to pay for the entrance. But it is compensated by comfort, observance of cleanliness of streets and a good condition of monuments of architecture. Visitors always try to visit Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, St. Witt Cathedral, Toy Museum, Loreta Treasury, Old Town, Jewish Quarter and Troy Castle. The whole world is famous for the Prague Zoo, Křižíkov Fountains, boat trips along the Vltava River and a visit to Smíchov's factory with beer tasting.

What souvenir can you bring from Prague

At every step you will be waited by good-natured merchants with souvenirs and gifts, and you can not resist the temptation. You will not be indifferent to the fact that you can bring from Prague clothes of popular European brands at a not so high price as we do, as well as many souvenirs that are characteristic of the Czech Republic, from T-shirts and all sorts of magnets with the image of Charles Bridge and St. Witt Cathedral to the kitchen Utensils made of ceramics and wood. The city is best known for its souvenir puppets. Here you will find simple heroes of folklore, and popular movie characters and fairy tales - for example, Harry Potter, Svejk Soldier or Pinocchio. It is known that you can bring from Prague even dishes, vases and even chandeliers made of real crystal, as well as ornaments and garnet products.

Prague is a city that can really help to spend your vacation time with benefit for the soul and body. Here you will get impressions and come home not empty-handed! The main thing - do not forget the camera: this city is worth it to flaunt in your album.

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