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How to beat a digle in Warfyus? How to beat a 100 percent digal

For a long time the best game in which it was possible to conduct network battles between terrorists and spetsnaz group was considered Counter Strike. It was a role model that no one could achieve. There was a breadth of possibilities, tactical actions, a rich store, in which a wide variety of weapons were available . But still CS was released in 2000, and today as graphics, and physics, and the game component - it's all out of date, and does not cause that enthusiasm. In place of Counter Strike came Warface, in which you can also buy weapons and use it to conduct combat operations.

Warface - the new Counter Strike

Naturally, with the release of this new game, all critics began to compare it with the notorious CS, and the comparisons were very encouraging. Warface has the same principle and almost the same story - you can choose the side for which you want to play: terrorists or the special unit of Warfyus, which is designed to combat the terrorist threat. There are several game modes, but they all boil down to buying weapons and destroying the enemy with it. But, unlike Counter Strike, Warface has two types of currency - game and non-game, that is, you can "pour" real money into the game to get better equipment. However, not everyone is capable of this, so gamers everywhere try to find a way to get good weapons without investing real money in Warface. For example, there are even several techniques for how to dislodge a digl.

Digl and its advantages

Many people may not understand what a digle is, but everything turns out to be very simple. Digl is an abbreviation for the Desert Eagle , a popular pistol that is used in almost every game where there is a firearm. In all games, this is often one of the strongest pistols, since it has a high lethal power. Warface was no exception, so there are a lot of questions about how to dislodge a digle - after all, it is, in fact, useful. Its main advantage is a combination of great damage and high accuracy when firing through the sight. Also, players rush to note the high rate of fire and good range, which makes the digle a very dangerous weapon. Well, and a big plus it gives also the presence of two slots for modifications, that is to install a muffler and an optical sight. But to obtain this weapon is easy only under the condition of an infusion of real money - but how to knock out a digle without such spending?

Digital methods

There are a large number of ways to obtain weapons, but no one can confirm their 100% efficiency. If you want to learn how to dislodge a digl, then first of all you need to get busy buying special boxes of luck that give such an opportunity. The probability of a successful drop of this pistol is rather small, but thanks to precise calculations it can be increased. It is for this purpose that digital methods of obtaining digla are developed. One of the most common is "5-5-5". It involves the purchase of five boxes, their simultaneous opening, then a two-fold repetition of the process. As a result, when you open the third five boxes you will drop a digl. There are other digital combinations, for example, "1-5-3-2", which means first buying one box, then five, three and two.

Running around the polygon

There is a rather unusual way of obtaining a digla, which, however, has been repeatedly confirmed by various players. If you want to learn how to knock out a digl in Warfyus, then you should look at the landfill. Stock up with ammunition, since you will need to run there for about two minutes and shoot - no matter who and where. After this time, go to the store and find a box that can bring you a digl. Then proceed as follows: buy one box, open - and immediately close it. If you do not wait until the box opens to the end, then the needle will drop out of you with one of the first five boxes.

Persistence and early recovery

The network has information that the first minute of every hour, there is a recounting of the chances of success when opening boxes. This is the time and is considered the most favorable for attempts, if you want to learn how to knock out a digla in Warface. Perseverance is not a method per se, but serves as an excellent addition to any other way of knocking Desert Eagle. It does not give an absolute guarantee of success, but significantly increases the chances of successful completion and the receipt of the desired pistol. Among Warface players there is also such a thing as "lark method". It is similar in many respects to the manifestation of perseverance, since it is also directly related to the game engine. It is known that the game servers are updated at 4 am Moscow time, which makes the gap between 4 and 8 in the morning the most favorable for digging or any other type of weapon. Thus, combining perseverance with the "lark method", you can get a very impressive increase in the chance of mining a gun. However, these methods do not give an unambiguous answer to the question of how to dislodge a digl. 100 percent of the probability, unfortunately, will not give you any way, but their totality can bring you closer to the coveted maximum percentage. Especially in view of the fact that there is the most proven and effective option.

We count flashing

When you are going to open the box with the diglet, pay attention to the button responsible for the opening - it flashes. It is on this blinking that the most effective method of obtaining a desert needle is based. The essence of the method is simple: you need to check what number appears on the calendar, and then count this is the number of blinks of the button. This means that if the calendar is January 13, then you need to open the box when the open button blinks 13 times.

However, there is a small problem with the fact that the button does not flash many times, that is, on the thirtieth, it can go out long before it "decamps" 30 times. This problem is solved quite simply. After all, if you look closely, you can see that, in addition to the opening button, the cost of the box itself also blinks - it is these blinks that can be continued until you can not wait for the number you need. This is a unique way to learn how to knock out a digl on Charlie, Alpha and other existing servers. And if you apply it in the first minute of the hour from 4 to 8 am, then the chance of getting the Desert Eagle will be close to 100%.

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