Hotel The Natural Resort. The Natural Resort 3 *, Phuket, Thailand: overview, description, specs and guest reviews

In this short article we will talk about the hotel The Natural Resort, discuss opinions about it (both negative and positive), let's talk about the interior of the institution, excursions and much more. Ready? Then now more!


The Natural Resort 3 * (Phuket, Patong, Thailand) is a modern hotel that will allow you to enjoy an unforgettable holiday in full. The hotel offers its services to people from all over the world. Excellent cuisine and no less wonderful surrounding nature will make your holiday unforgettable.

A lot of people come to The Natural Resort 3 * in Phuket each year to make their vacation a reminder for life.

On site, there are several restaurants serving traditional local cuisine and a wide range of different drinks. You can also dine outdoors on the terrace.

It is also worth noting that the hotel has an outdoor swimming pool with sunbathing areas. What is included in the program for easier acquaintance with the surroundings of Phuket and the hotel The Natural Resort? The Natural Resort offers excursions included in the price.

In the evening, after an excellent walk and rest near the sea, you can enjoy a party in the pool, go to a party or just have dinner with candles for beautiful music. Throughout the hotel there is access to Wi-Fi, which allows you to be online around the clock.

It is worth mentioning the convenience in terms of parking, and for an additional surcharge is offered a transfer to the airport. The registration desk works constantly in case there are some inconveniences or questions.

Around the hotel The Beach Natural Resort Koh Kood is full of greenery, palm trees, and just pleasant air. Agree, such trifles are an integral part of any holiday. It is also worth noting that the hotel is located near the city center, which allows easy access to The Natural Resort.

The Natural Resort is a three-star hotel built in the city of Phuket. The hotel has about 165 rooms, which include a bath, TV, air conditioning. It is possible to order an extra bed.

The Natural Resort 3 * (Phuket), which is mostly positive, is located just minutes from Patong Beach, one of Thailand's best beaches. With the help of the boat you can get to the island at Phi Phi, which is nearby. The surrounding nature is amazing: and you want to stay here to live.

The hotel is built on the territory of Baantonsai Garden Resort.


The hotel is located close to Bangla Road, where Phuket's nightlife begins. This place is full of different institutions:

  • Discos, clubs, a lot of dance floors;
  • Bars, restaurants;
  • Shopping centers (shopping is provided);
  • Stores of rare marine products.

The location of the hotel allows you to easily reach the airport and other transport interchanges. Also worth noting is the wide selection of foreign cuisine: the restaurant Gusto is located nearby, where you can taste Italian food. The atmosphere is excellent, quiet music and delicious food.

Near the beach of Patong is a restaurant of Thai food. Tourists who like diving can also find employment. Scyba Cat Diving is located near the beachfront of Patong Beach. On site, you can book a trip to other noteworthy islands, such as Phi Phi and Similian.

The surrounding nature can not but please the eye. If you go to a center full of people and sometimes you do not have enough air, then you should know that the hotel has fresh air and delightful greenery, which always pleases tourists. In the city you can also go to different nature reserves. The surrounding beauty makes people smile!

The services

The hotel has rooms of different classes, depending on the needs of the guests. The Natural works for its customers and can provide a number of services:

  • Meals (according to the schedule);
  • Thai medicine (massage);
  • Reliable staff;
  • Large choice of rooms;
  • Swimming pool on site;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • Free parking;
  • Dinner in the open air near the terrace;
  • Staff works round the clock;
  • Sports entertainment;
  • Proximity to the beach;
  • The building is guarded constantly.

This is not a complete list of services that the institution provides to its customers. Every employee knows his business and is given it completely. You will have a wonderful time at The Natural Resort. The Natural Resort is the place you want to go back to!

Recreation places

There are many places for entertainment near the hotel. Bangla Road is a 2-3 minute walk away. On this street there are places of night life: night clubs, discos, bars, in which you can spend the most unforgettable nights. Also on the street you can meet sellers of souvenirs. In order to get to the city center, there is a free bus from 9 to 23 hours.

In 10 minutes there is an excellent Italian restaurant Luca Valerio. The institution is located under the open air, which allows you to enjoy food, looking at the beauty of the area. The menu of the institution at the highest level: pizza, various kinds of pasta, seafood, desserts and just delicious coffee make the restaurant an excellent place to relax.

If you are talking about Italian food, then it should be noted that in 5 minutes there is another restaurant - Gusto. This institution works until the last visitor. There are also delicious food and amazing drinks. A romantic atmosphere, coziness and homely warmth will make the stay in the restaurant special.

In the northern part of Patong Beach is the restaurant of local (Thai) cuisine Wai Thai. The restaurant is located 20 minutes from the hotel. This institution can accommodate a large number of guests, which allows you to hold a holiday or other event.

Nearby is the venue for the pyrotechnic show. Fireworks and many other entertainments every day will delight you and your friends. You can also go in for water sports. Within a 15-minute walk is the diving club.

For an additional fee you can visit the local islands, such as Phi Phi. The hotel offers free city tours.

Price list

Prices are not particularly "bite", the trip will cost up to a thousand dollars. Additional services:

  • Taxi to the airport (2000 rubles);
  • Massage - 1200 rubles;
  • Full Internet access (500 Taiwanese baht);
  • Extra bed costs 720 Taiwanese Baht.


The hotel staff works round the clock, which allows you to quickly solve all the misunderstandings. The procedure for settling in the hotel is about 20 minutes. The time of arrival starts at 14:00. Check-out starts at 12:00. We recommend that you book hotel accommodations in The Natural Resort in advance. The Natural Resort will make your holiday unforgettable!


Many visitors to the hotel flattered about it. Every year, many tourists come to the city from all over the world and the majority are satisfied with their rest:

Many argue that this is an excellent new hotel, made in a beautiful style. Staff and service at altitude. Everyone can relax here!

This is a very good hotel. Pleases fine accommodation, which allows you to stay further away from noisy streets and the city center. Prices do not bite at all, why most recommend this hotel to their friends, relatives and co-workers.

A lot of tourists are pleased with the local cuisine and the interior of the hotel itself. It is worth noting the successful location, which has already been mentioned a little higher, so you can easily get to important places in the city.


Here you can come in the winter to rest and just have a good time. We recommend this establishment!

Thanks to the services provided by the hotel, tourists come here for a whole year to rest.

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