Aloe Hotel 4 * (Paphos, Cyprus): description, reviews

Cyprus, as before, maintains its position among the favorite seaside resorts, popular among our compatriots. Therefore, in this article we want to talk about one of the hotels of this wonderful island. Aloe Hotel is located in one of the popular tourist areas of Paphos. The complex is ideal for families with children, which attracts the attention of numerous tourists.


The charming Aloe Hotel 4 * (Paphos) is well located close to the central part of the resort and the beautiful harbor of Paphos with an ancient castle from the Middle Ages. A hundred and fifty meters from the hotel is a beautiful beach. The nearest bus stop is located thirty meters from the hotel.

Hotel address : Cyprus, Paphos 8101, Poseidonos Avenue PO Box 60190. From the nearest airport Paphos to the hotel is eighteen kilometers.

It should be noted that the hotel complex was completely refurbished and reconstructed in 1996. The hotel consists of a row of low-rise buildings, built in the traditional Greek style.

Number of rooms

Aloe Hotel 4 * (Paphos) has in its arsenal 272 well decorated rooms. All of them are made in a modern style. Holidaymakers can choose apartments of different categories:

  1. Family Standart Suites - spacious comfortable rooms for families with children.
  2. Doubles Rooms (Twin Rooms) have a view of the gardens, mountains, swimming pools. The apartments are designed for two adults and one child (maybe three adults).
  3. Doubles Rooms (Twin Rooms) Sea View. From the balcony of the room you can enjoy a beautiful sea view.
  4. Superior Suites is a superior suite with a bedroom with an extra-large bed and a separate living room.

All apartments are connected to the central heating, there is a conditioning system. Each room is equipped with bathroom, telephone, TV, mini-bar, balcony, radio, hairdryer.

In the arsenal of the hotel there are spacious apartments for families with children. In addition, several rooms are equipped for guests with disabilities. For holidaymakers who value luxury and comfort above all, the hotel offers luxury apartments. The comfortable modern rooms have balconies with a picturesque view of the sea or the surroundings of Paphos.

Bars and Restaurants

In Aloe Hotel 4 * (Paphos) the restaurant Mediterraneo operates, in the assortment of which the best dishes of Cypriot and international cuisine. In the evenings, there are thematic and folklore shows.

Breakfast is served daily in the Paradiso Café. In the Islander bar, vacationers can enjoy a variety of drinks, cocktails and snacks throughout the day. In the evenings at an institution called Moonlight, tourists can relax and enjoy live music.

In addition to the standard buffet, hotel guests can order diet food.

Hotel details

Hotel Aloe Hotel 4 * (Paphos) has two swimming pools on its territory. One of them is covered with heated, it can be enjoyed all year round. The second pool is on the street, it has lagoons and fountains. Nearby are equipped with recreation areas with sunbeds and umbrellas. Guests of the hotel can visit the jacuzzi, massages, a wellness center, a tennis court with special evening lighting. On the territory of Aloe Hotel 4 * (Paphos) there is a parking for vehicles of tourists. In addition, there is a rental car. Tourists, if they wish, can rent cars to travel around the island on their own.

To services of visitors of a complex a sauna, a bath, a hammam, an exercise room, hydromassage baths, a night club, a beauty salon, a hairdressing salon, shops, services of the doctor.

In addition, Aloe Hotel 4 * (Cyprus, Paphos) has several conference rooms equipped for seminars, business meetings, meetings.

Sport Activities

For active holidaymakers Paphos Aloe Hotel 4 * offers to visit the tennis court, fitness room, fitness equipment, play table tennis and billiards. Fans of scuba diving can do diving, here for this there are all necessary conditions.

Entertainment for children

The weather in Paphos is perfect for sea holidays. No wonder the city has long become a famous resort. Especially here it is good to have a rest for children who are more exacting to a temperature mode of water and air.

The hotel offers its smallest guests a separate pool and children's playground. In addition, the restaurant offers young guests a separate menu and special highchairs. Babysitting services are available at an additional cost.

Hotel beach

Near the Aloe Hotel 4 * (Paphos) beach sand. It is fully equipped and has all the necessary amenities. However, I want to note that the sun beds and umbrellas on it are paid. This trend is observed throughout the coast of Cyprus.

Excursions and entertainments

The town of Paphos is quite small, it is located in the south-west of Cyprus and has a long history. Once upon a time in the time of the Roman conquests it was the ancient capital of the island. That is why it is the historical and cultural center of the whole of Cyprus. The city of Paphos has so many attractions that, while resting here, it is simply impossible not to visit at least some of them. Moreover, all the ancient monuments of the town are included in the list of cultural world values of UNESCO, and therefore are under the vigilant protection of the state.

To see the sights, you can contact the tour desk Aloe Hotel 4 * (Paphos). Tours offered here for tourists are not limited only to the historical values of Paphos - you can book any tour of Cyprus. However, according to visitors, to fully view the whole island, it is better to rent a car in the hotel. It will be cheaper, and it will be possible to see more.

Tourists certainly should see the Tomb of the Kings. As you know, the weather in Paphos is hot, so it's better to inspect the ruins early in the morning or after five o'clock in the evening. Tombs are interesting because they are dotted with a whole network of junctions and stairs. They are exact copies of those houses and palaces in which the kings once lived.

Popular among tourists enjoying the bathing Aphrodite, which, according to legend, gives eternal youth. You can get here only on foot, and for the inspection of the fountain and the bath, the fee is not charged. But the temple of Aphrodite itself is located fifteen kilometers from Paphos. It was built in the twelfth century.

According to the tourists' reviews, the bathing place of Aphrodite is a very beautiful and romantic place. A beautiful sandy beach and the clearest sea are worth your attention.

Not far from Paphos is the monastery of St. Neophyte the Recluse. Once a monk chose a beautiful place and dug in the mountain cave, which he lived for many years. People came to him, and gradually the temple grew near his abode. The modern look he acquired only in the fifteenth century.

Also guests of Paphos can visit the ancient settlement of Eroskipos, located in the east. According to legend, it was here that once Aphrodite's sacred gardens were located, where she indulged in love. The main attraction of this place is the temple of Saint Paraskeva.

In addition to historical attractions, guests can visit the famous water park, which is considered the most popular place among holidaymakers. No less interesting is the park of birds, in the amphitheater of which there are real bird shows. Here you can see a lot of exotic animals and birds. Particularly popular with the female half is Petra-to-Romiou. This is perhaps the most picturesque place on the whole island. According to legend, it was here that Aphrodite was born at the very foot of the rock from sea foam.

Pathos like woven from legends and legends. Only for the sake of one goddess of Aphrodite every year many tourists come to Cyprus.

Aloe Hotel 4 * (Paphos): reviews of rooms

Currently, vacation in Cyprus remains, as before, one of the most popular and budget options for the holidays. Now many tour operators are vying to offer tours to the island, including Aloe Hotel 4 * (Paphos) - "Biblio-Globe", Coral Travel and many others. However, as practice shows, not all hotels meet the stated parameters. What do vacationers say about Aloe Hotel 4 * (Paphos)? Reviews about the complex are quite contradictory: from total enthusiasm to discontent. Let's take a closer look at the main points.

According to tourists, the hotel has good staff. The settlement occurs quickly without any problems. Get to the hotel not for long. It really is on the first line, but it should be borne in mind that the road is located in front of the complex. Therefore, the rooms facing the sea, naturally, are located on the side of the roadway. Perhaps, for someone, this neighborhood will seem very noisy and uncomfortable. The most quiet here are the apartments overlooking the pool and a side street with a side view of the sea. They are located on the shady side, and therefore the sun does not enter here. For a hot time this is a very good option.

The rooms have air conditioning, but they are obviously insufficient. The furniture of the apartments is in normal condition, the TVs of the old model (the nineties). As for cleaning, it is produced very qualitatively every day. In this case, you can not leave a tip, such a bonus does not affect the quality of the process. Towels are also changed daily, but bed linen is changed once in three days.

The building of the hotel complex is not old, but inside it is noticeable that in some places repair and replacement of equipment is required. In general, the interior of the hotel is quite decent. Everything is clean and tidy. The rooms do not have cockroaches and ants, which is very pleasing. Of course, if someone expects to see a fashionable hotel here, then do not be mistaken, otherwise disappointment will befall. The complex is quite consistent with the "price-quality" ratio, so do not overcharge. Not for nothing that Pafos, whose prices are quite acceptable, is considered a budget resort.

Reviews of the hotel

The hotel's territory is not very large, rather even compact, but very well-groomed, green. There are many colors, and in the shade you can always find a cozy bench. A huge plus is that the hotel's courtyard is always closed and no outsiders are allowed to pass. Children can safely be sent for a walk and do not worry. There are a lot of cats running around the territory, but they are harmless. Of course, they beg for food, but they do not bother anyone.

In swimming pools, water is periodically chlorinated, which means you do not have to worry about cleanliness.

Impressions of nutrition

As for nutrition, it is about him that the views of tourists are radically different. For breakfast, the hotel serves omelets, fried eggs, yoghurts, bacon, cereals, cheese, honey, sometimes pancakes, rolls, croissants, oranges, grapefruits, juices, coffee, toast. For lunch, you can try several options of cooked meat, potatoes, fish, vegetables, greens, olives, stews. Certainly, the guests are offered sweet: cakes, mousses, jellies. But grapes, plums, melons, apples were not every day. Indeed, the choice of fruit is sometimes small.

As for dinner, in the evening you can see about the same assortment of food as in lunch: three or four varieties of meat, fish, salads, etc. Perhaps, to someone such a set will seem monotonous, but no one is hungry for sure. It's nice that the chefs do not forget about the sweet. There is a surprise for dinner. The matter is that theme nights are arranged daily. Therefore, guests are offered dishes of different cuisines. All food is fresh and tasty. In addition, during the day, holidaymakers can refresh themselves in the bars of the hotel.

The hotel complex is a good resting place for those who do not know English. Very many hotel staff speak Russian, so there is no language barrier. The service staff is very disciplined and responsive, helps to solve the arising difficulties.

Reviews about the beach

Most of the Cypriot coast is pebbles. However, the beach in front of the hotel is sandy. To the sea only five minutes a quiet pace. The hotel does not have its own beach, since in Paphos the whole coast is municipal property. In the water the bottom is also sandy, the water is warm and very clean. Approximately four hundred meters from the shore - shallow water, which is very convenient for children. Umbrellas and deck chairs are paid. If you do not want to pay for them, then you can just settle on the sand - it's not forbidden.

Special attention worthy of the attractions of Paphos. Resting here, it's worth to look at the historical places filled with numerous legends and legends. It is the ancient history of the city that attracts many tourists every year. According to tourists, to see all the local beauty, it is better to rent a car. Excursion tours will cost much more, and a lot of them will not be able to be seen. The machine gives a high speed of movement, which allows you to save more time on the examination of historical monuments. Also tourists are advised to visit the water park in Paphos, which causes delight not only in children, but also in adults.

Instead of an afterword

Aloe Hotel 4 * is a great place for those who want to find a quiet and quiet place to relax. There are no noisy parties, evening animation is not so stormy, but this has its own charms. The main contingent of holidaymakers in Paphos are German and French pensioners. Therefore, the youth, perhaps, will be bored here. But the family couples with children the hotel is great. Of course, children's animation is very weak (this is not Turkey), but if you come to rest on the sea, then it makes no sense to keep the child on site. In general, the complex is worthy of attention and can claim a place in the list of hotels in question for recreation. We hope that our article will be useful to those people who are going to spend their holidays in Paphos.

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