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It has been more than 90 years since the birth of "Snickers" - a chocolate bar, Developed by the Chicago confectioner F.Mars, who gave him the name of his beloved horse. Today, the Mars Incorporated factory produces 560 sweets in just one production line per minute. What is so fond of Americans, and behind them and the rest of the people on the planet this chocolate with stuffing inside? The secret is simple: in this bar there is everything that children like (except for that sweet cotton wool). Chocolate shell hides nougat, nuts, caramel. The bar miraculously satisfies hunger, as evidenced by the advertisement "Do not brake, snikersni!".

New from the East

Recently, the company "Mars" has developed a new "Snickers" - with almonds. The old ingredients have not gone away. Milk chocolate, fragrant caramel and stringy nougat are a harmonious addition to crispy nuts. But if earlier the main character acting was hazelnut, now it is almonds. Since it is often present in traditional oriental sweets, the advertisement for the new bar seems to have disappeared from the pages of the "Thousand and One Nights". New products in nice white packaging have already gained popularity in the US and abroad.

"Snickers with almonds"

The bar is very fond of baby, but that's only the presence in it of any incomprehensible "E" with tsiferkami very embarrassing parents. A certain compromise can be achieved by making a homemade chocolate cake with a taste of "Snickers". Maybe there and The same 510 kcal per 100 grams of product will remain, but certainly there will be no emulsifiers and stabilizers. And the cake will be tastier than the "Snickers" -bath.

The basis

We take five egg whites and start whipping in a mixer with 180 grams of sugar. On a water bath we use 100 g natural chocolate bar without flavoring, we add a spoonful of cream to it. Separately beat the yolks. In 180-200 g flour add a pack of "Powder for biscuits." We combine together in a bowl of a mixer proteins, yolks, chocolate. Continuing to whisk, we introduce in several receptions flour. The form (it is desirable demountable) we cover with parchment, we pour there a dough. Bake cakes for home product "Snickers with almonds" About half an hour at a temperature of 180 C. Note: in the first 20-25 minutes, do not look into the oven and do not open the door! The cooled cake is cut in half, soaked with a strong brewed drink "Nesquik" and caramel essence. As an option, you can replace chocolate with three spoons of cocoa powder. But then enter into the dough a glass of sour cream and add more flour (300 g).


For the first cream, beat up 200 g of butter with a can of boiled condensed milk. We connect this mass with 150-200 g of ground roasted almonds. We spread this cream with one of the cakes. We put for 10 minutes in the freezer. The second cream do so. Fatty culinary cream whisk with two tablespoons of sugar. We spread the cream on the second cake, poison it in the refrigerator to freeze. Then we connect the two pieces of dough, and the condensed milk should lie on the cream. We put almost ready "Snickers with almonds" for the night in the refrigerator. In the morning, sprinkle it with cocoa powder, mixed with sugar powder. For special sweet tooth, you can cover the dessert with chocolate icing.

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