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Homemade kerkher - a convenient device for car washing

In the modern world, every family has a car, and not just one. Domestic or foreign, they all require constant care. Some spare part has spoiled - it is necessary to change, the wheel has been lowered - to pump up, the window has broken - to insert a new one. And, of course, it is necessary to wash the car. Car washing is needed not only for the car to be clean. If it is not washed, you can earn a fine from employees of the State Road Safety Inspectorate. If you do not wash, then under a mud stain the paint will soon be erased and the body will start to rust. If you do not wash the interior of the car, it can be fraught with various diseases of the respiratory tract and allergies.

Considering all the aforesaid nuances, the conclusion suggests: car washing is a mandatory procedure for any car.

Homemade kerkher with your own hands - the best option for car washing

The choice of the method of washing your favorite car is the business of the car owner. Someone can pick up a rag and bucket, someone to go to a car wash. But the ideal option is to make a homemade kerkher. It can be done by investing a certain amount of money, but can be made from improvised funds without investing funds.

Of course, the self-made kerkher will differ from the branded one, but it will fulfill its main goal.

Advantages of a self-made device: low price, compactness, the ability to wash dirt out of any slot, autonomy, does not require electric power, you can always carry with you.

How to make a homemade kerkher?

There are many ways to make it.

The first way. The main mechanism of the future kerher is the compressor. It can be taken from any technique that is no longer used on the farm. The mechanism is connected to the hose using a hose. Take the brush to which the tap is attached . The tap is necessary in order to regulate the power of the water supply. A brush with a faucet is also attached using a hose. When fastening it will be necessary to use rubber gaskets, FUM tape, hermetic glue. The hose on the other side is fixed in a container into which more than ten liters of water can be poured. The simplest homemade kerkher from the compressor is ready for use. You can make a more automated way that will connect to the mains or cigarette lighter in the car.

The second way. Take a canister, where you can pour more than twenty liters of water. To the input brass nipple from the tire is attached the compressor from the car. The hose is attached to the gun (it can be purchased at any garden store). The length of the hoses is not less than six meters. The diameter is 16 mm. At fastening rubber flaps, collars and nuts are used.

The effectiveness of the self-made kerkher

The efficiency of the kercher depends directly on the selected engine (compressor). It must supply a high water pressure, otherwise the manufacture of a domestic sink will go to a runny nose. Homemade kerkher must consist of a solid body made of metal or thick plastic.

The brush on the hose can be selected from hard to soft. You can use rollers and sprayers.

In any case, using a homemade kerkher for more than three hours is undesirable. Since this can lead to its quick failure.

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